Tuesday, June 3, 2008

With this ring...

My wedding ring is so symbolic - one of my most treasured lines from our wedding ceremony was when we exchanged our rings and pledged to one another:

"Every time I look at this ring, I'll thank God I'm yours."

A few months ago Hubs lost his wedding ring at the gym. :( We had hopes that someone would turn it in, but there was no such luck. About a month ago, I noticed that my ring finger was getting all puffed up and swollen, and that I really couldn't get my wedding ring off. So, a trip to the jeweler was in order. We needed to replace Hub's ring and we needed to see if they had any tips to get my ring off. The girl at the jewelery store suggested that we cut my ring off - and I wasn't willing to do that. I went home determined to find a way to get that precious ring off my finger. During this same trip, we picked out a new ring for Hubs - one that is titanium and one he won't have to take off when at the gym. However, it wouldn't be in until six weeks.

Well, a little hand soap from Bath and Body Works (thanks Jenny!) was the answer to my problem. I lathered my hand up, and it came right off. Phew!

So, the two of us were now walking around with no wedding rings on. I hated it!

We decided that I needed a new ring too - one that was mama friendly - and one that would fit during and after pregnancy. When we were in San Antonio Hubs picked one out. I love it - instead of a diamond, there is a gold heart - which seems appropriate being that my heart is all about my husband and children. Plus, it is much more practical in my everyday life than wearing a diamond everyday.

The jeweler had to order my ring as well - and it wouldn't be here for three to four weeks.

On Saturday, we received a phone call saying Hubs ring was in. We planned to pick it up on Monday. On Monday, my ring came in the mail - sooner than expected! We received our new rings on the same day. That totally made my day! :)

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Brie said...

I love your new ring, Rebecca!!! So neat that they came on the same day :)