Friday, July 24, 2009

Show Us Your Life - The Dress

Recently, for multiple reasons, I have been reminiscent of our wedding day.

If you are on Facebook you may have seen this going around. I watched it today and I'll be honest, it made me laugh and cry at the same time - I know, I know, it's packed full of joy. And I think that's just it. Marriage is a joyful thing. When the bumps and tears and frustrations of life occur, it's easy to forget the joy of that day. The joy of commitment. The joy of people gathering to celebrate you and your love of one another. The joy of the day that's yours alone.

After watching the video I clicked over to my Bloglines to read my favs for a few minutes. When I read on Kelly's blog that today is show the dress day, I couldn't resist. It's the perfect opportunity to take a walk down memory lane.

Okay, so here it is from Head to Toe.

I loved the tiny details that my dress had. Tiny flowers are something that I have always loved - and to find a wedding dress with elegant tiny flowers all over it - I knew it had to be mine!

To see more dresses, or to show off yours - visit Kelly's blog. Thanks Kelly for the fun time!