Sunday, June 22, 2008

Front Loading Washers and Mildew - Help!

Not a pleasant topic, I know. The house that we rent came with a front loading washing machine. I love it - except recently I have noticed that musty mildewey smell when opening the door after it has sat dry for a day. I called the washing machine company asking for cleaning advice, and they said that it was a common problem because the washers are so air-tight. As a result, there is a product called Affresh that is a cleaning tablet designed to kill the mildew if used once a month.

I can guarantee that no one has maintained or cleaned the machine prior to us moving in. Therefore, there is a lot of build up. Last week I scoured the inside of the machine with bleach, and ran the washer with the Affresh tablets twice. There is still a faint smell of mildew, although it is much better. Has anyone out there had this problem - and what have you done to fix it? Do you have any tips for cleaning out and maintaining front loaders - other than what I've already done?


Mom2Drew said...

So...can't help you with your little "problem" because I so don't have a front loading wash machine;) I sure wish I did though. Should you be cleaning with bleach little lady?

Susan said...

I don't know about this problem specifically. However, I was told to use vinegar to get rid of mildew in the coffee machine and water cookers. Let it is sit for a couple of hours then rinse. Maybe vinegar helps? I cannot see it hurting anything.

mer said...

Hi Rebecca...thanks for your comment on my blog! I'm so glad you de-lurked!


Michal said...

Have a front-loader and have the mildew smell too. Can't stand it. Let me know if you find anything that works and I'll do the same!