Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Buckets o' Fun!

We have new boots - that are a little cooler than miderman boots. These are garden boots my mom bought him last summer on clearance at Target. They are still a little big. Little One calls them Elmer boots. (There's a blue puppet named Elmer at Sunday School) This morning he couldn't resist taking a dip in a bucket full of water - boots, pj's and all.

This is how he came downstairs from his nap today. He told me he was a "baseball player! Running so fast!" It looks to me that he is ready for the pool....
Check out the combo bed-head hat-hair! :)


Mom2Drew said...

Oh, those boots look like a hoot and check out your photography! Way to go, love that series. Hey, WHERE did you get that bucket?

Anonymous said...

He's just the cutest! He's a crazy mix of both you and your husband. Love it! Always great to see what you're up to in the great state.
Lots of love,

Elizabeth - Scrappygolden said...

OK, these are some of the cutest pictures EVER! I'm just sitting here smiling at that adorable little face. :)