Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Baby brother is here and doing wonderfully well.

Born July 28th, 7:41am
7lbs, 9oz

Pictures soon to follow, stay tuned.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Catch Phrases

Little One has started using these phrases in his everyday talk. I have no idea where he picked them up. ;)

"Mama tired."
"Sit down fora minute."
"Doin good Mama?"
"How's that for ya?"
"Most agot - purse! Go get it!" (aka - almost forgot my purse! I'll be right back while I go get it.)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

38 Weeks!

Yesterday, at my last (so weird and wonderful to say) OB appointment I measured at exactly 39 weeks. But, there has been no activity indicating that a baby is on it's way down. In fact, I had more contractions last month than I have had this week. This week I've had none, zilch, zero. It's all very reminiscent of the last weeks before Little One came. Which, makes me thankful that we went ahead and scheduled the C-section. And, I'm happy to report that the scheduled date is less than a week away! I'm not going to tell the exact date, because I think some element of surprise is not a bad thing. So, keep tuning in...we will for sure have a baby to hold and pictures to post by this time next week!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Heels

Okay, I have to tell you about this wonderful little product. I have always had a problem with cracked summer time heels. This summer they are worse than they have ever been! So, about a month ago, I went on a search at my local Walgreens to see what I could find to treat my aching, dry heels. While standing in the medicine isle looking at all the Doctor Scholls treatments, a helpful employee asked what I was looking for. She then directed me to the cosmetic side of the store to these little gems. And, they work wonders! They didn't cost much, and they are washable too. I like them because I can still get the moisture treatment without wearing socks every night. There's no way on earth I'm sleeping with a pair of socks on this summer!

I've used a variety of lotions with my wraps - but the best has proven to be lanolin. You know, the lifesaver of new breastfeeding mommas? That's right - it works wonders on dry cracked heels combined with my hot new heel wraps. Bye Bye dry heels! :)

Costly Mommy Mush

In the past week I have:
  • Lost a Babies R Us gift card.
  • Gave my husband's bank card to my two year old son while ordering pizza over the phone! He was so fascinated with the numbers I was reading off the card to the pizza place, he insisted on being part. I just handed it to him, without thinking twice. I remembered three days later, and still have no idea where the card is.
  • In preparation for post hospital I have been making meals to put in the freezer. The other night I cooked about 8 chicken breasts - took them out of the oven - and just left them on the counter. Completely forgot they were there. I remembered at 5:30 the next morning! I was so sick as I tossed them this morning.
Now, sometimes I can be kinda spacey, but really, I don't usually do things like this! Oh well. ;)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This and That...

I suppose I should post something so we can get past the lizard under my refrigerator. The lizard has been caught and released. My sweet babysitter captured it - she was happy to report to me that she found a lizard while I was out and that she and Little One took it outside and put it in the grass. Thank you Dear Heart!

Today Little One asked me if we could go for a walk to look for snow and bugs.
"Walk? Find snow bugs?"
"You want to go for a walk to look for snow and bugs?"
"Ants! Okay!"

Little One is completely taken by anything that has to do with Christmas. He wants to watch Christmas DVD's all of the time, and loves to pretend to ice skate. I love that about him. I know he gets it from his Momma and Dadda, who both love Christmas. It's too bad for him that we moved from snowy Colorado to No-Snow Texas. Hopefully we'll have white Christmases when we go to visit!

So, despite being nine months pregnant and not really wanting to go look for snow in the 100 degree temps, I joined his quest. We looked high and low for both bugs and snow and found neither. It was so hot that not even the bugs were out. The closest thing to snow we found was the popsicles we had when we got home. Here's some documentation of our little journey.

No Bugs Here.

Nor Here.This is the walk way that leads to our front door. Little One loves to sit on these steps and "think". He'll say: "Sit and think." Then he puts his hands under his chin and says "hmmm".
I wonder what he's thinking about here. He was in some pretty deep thought.

And while I'm uploading pictures, here's some from last week. The first set is what I found in the kitchen when returning from switching the laundry. He was able to reach the carton of strawberries on the counter and was quite happy with his find. If you look closely you can see the Tiger stripes he drew on himself 20 minutes earlier. And the pink bandana? It used to be mine. Not for the time being!.

And, we are loving the pool this summer. I've never been much of a water kind of girl, but am rapidly becoming one. Little One loves to go to the pool and we always have such a fun time. Plus, it totally wears him out for a nice long nap! :) Here's some that I took last Sunday. The pool is really shallow and never goes above 2 feet for much of it. Perfect for little people!

Coming to tell Momma "My turn to swim". Meaning, it's your turn to swim with me - pronouns are a tricky thing to learn! Daddy lying on the "beach in the back ground cracks me up! :)

"Swimming" with all of his heart.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

So Far Today....

There is a lizard under my refrigerator. I've been chasing him for three days. Every time I find him I jump a mile high - and then he runs away and I miss him. How the heck am I going to get him? Oh, please little lizard, come out when Hubs is home! I am definitely no lizard catching pro.

Then, I found two big bugs in the kitchen. I don't even want to know what they were.

Little One just swallowed a penny. He had a startled look on his face - and when I asked him what was wrong -
"Eat Penny"
"You ate a penny?"
"Like it? mmmm deshishos. (delicious) deshishos mommy? Like it?" With a very confused look on his face. He's been asking me that over and over. I don't think he liked it, and I don't believe he'll try to eat another penny from here on out :) .

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just Waiting Randomness

I don't have much to post about. It's been pretty low-key around here. I am still very pregnant, with very few contractions, and am now counting down the days until we get to see and hold baby brother!

I've spent much of the week doing baby laundry - and washing the car seat, swing, and bouncy seat covers. Why can't all laundry be as fun as new baby laundry?

Today I went to a lactation consultant for a prenatal visit - I had quite a hard time nursing Little One, and am hoping to get a jump-start and another try with this little guy. The visit was very informative and I'm so glad I took the time to go. In my opinion, I think lactation consultants are absolute angels. They so came through for us with helping me and Little One be successful, despite the circumstances. And today proved to be no different. She recommended a different kind of nursing pillow than I used with Little One - and had one for $45.00 (gulp). I decided to wait to make the purchase, and stopped at a consignment store on the way home - they had one for $15.00. Finding a great bargain so makes my day.

I am very behind on reading/commenting on blogs - simply because my computer is upstairs - and I've tried to limit my stair climbing. It only takes walking across a room and I am totally out of breath. After climbing the stairs I have to sit and take a rest! I have barely no lung space! Tonight I was making the most simple dinner ever and I had to sit down and let hubs take over.

I think that's it for now. I need to go find some pillows. :)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Baby Transportation

Yesterday was a huge milestone. Little One and I went to Target to do some grocery shopping. When he saw the carts he wanted to ride in the MOTHER cart. You know, the one that seems like you are pushing a train with the two little seats in the front?

We've tried this cart before - and in the past, I've used it like a bribe - and set it up to be a special privilege to ride in such a cool cart. Who am I kidding? Little One seems to think it's a jungle gym. In, out, up, around and over the thing... by the end of my shopping trip I am about ready to pull out both of our hair, while pushing an empty ENORMOUS cart and chasing a toddler.

So, yesterday, I had determined to just grab my regular cart, and let him walk through the store. My list was small, and I didn't want to fight the cart issues.

The minute we stepped inside he spotted the red train of a cart. And insisted that he ride in it. I am sure you can imagine the two year old insisting part. I told him that he had to sit there and buckle his seat belt - or we would put it back. And oh my goodness! He did it! He sat in the seat and didn't even fight me the whole shopping trip. For the first time he noticed all of the pictures that Target hangs from the ceiling. "Thet's that?" (What's that?), with finger pointing to the signs, was the premise of our Target visit. We made it all the way through the grocery part, and I was even able to hit the baby isles to pick up some good deals. He sat through the check out lane - the melt down happened when he saw the bananas being lifted out of the cart and had to have one. And then sit at little snack area tables. And then want a special treat. And then see a picture of a blue icey drink and want that. So, the last two minutes didn't go so well, and we left the store crying. But, that's so much better than half way through the shopping trip!! Way to go Little One!

Which brings me to the topic of my post. So, how in the world are we going to do Target trips with two little ones? I am tempted to think that all my shopping will be done later in the evening when I can go childless. But, let's be real. That's probably not going to happen as often as I like.

I am thinking about toting that baby carrier and managing a toddler. I personally find that carrier so heavy and awkward. So, what do you all think about baby slings? I've read about them on blogs, and I even saw some for sale in Target yesterday. I never used one with Little One. But, I can't help but think this may be my solution when we venture out and about.

My question is this - how do you know what kind to buy? There are so many different ones to chose from, and heavens, I don't think I want to spend a fortune investing in baby slings. So, I'd love to hear if any of you have any input - as well as resources to turn to.

My other quandary is the double stroller. To buy or not to buy? There are days when Little One loves to ride. There are days when he doesn't. When Little One was born I got the whole travel system deal. It worked great. But, now do I want to plop down the money for the double travel system deal?

During our latest trip to Babies R Us, we checked out all of the double strollers and found one that we thought would work. Hubs and Little One actually spent most of the time running around the store seeing all the different ways the stroller could go. (ie - popping wheelies, how fast it can turn a corner, etc, both having a grand time). We decided on one that was super cool looking and riding (which would mean I'd have to get the matching infant car seat just because I want it all to match.) Then, on July 4th while walking through the park we noticed that Little One had pretty much outgrown the stroller we have now, which is the same line as the one at Babies. I guess the boys were too busy running around the store for us to notice that detail. Now we're second guessing our original choice.

Then I was at the Y on Saturday and saw this. I even talked to the momma who was pushing it and got her opinion. This seems like the best option - price and all.

But again, I'd love to hear your opinions about double strollers. Are they worth it?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Saving whales, music, and birthday cake. All in Little One's day.

Little One is watching Go Diego! rescue the whales. He insisted on sitting in his "boat" just like Diego.

"Mama! Plays music!" What a discovery!

Since his birthday he asks to make a birthday cake all the time. Yesterday, as he pulled his stool up to the counter, and said: "Mama Helper! Make birthday cake for you?" I gave in and we pulled a brownie mix out of the pantry. It's not really birthday cake, but close enough. We decided that a birthday cake for Baby Brother will definitely be in order. This is his brownie batter covered little face before I put him in the shower. :)

Have a stupendous day!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Being stretched - part 2

Thank you for all of your kind and encouraging comments concerning our adjustment to Baby Brother and Little One. I am anxious to be on the other side:)

I have debated over whether or not to post about this part - but I've come to the conclusion that there is really nothing to lose if I do. So, here goes!

The second deal that's stretching my heart and faith these days - is the decision concerning the whole birthing process. I have wrestled, tossed and turned over how and what to do. You see, the day Little One was born was a very long day. Hubs and I had planned and desired to do a natural childbirth. Our physician was very supportive and willing to work with us. But, I never actually went into labor on my own. My doctor let me wait until the very last day (two weeks overdue) - and then we went in to be induced. That was at 8:00 in the morning. I labored until 3:00 pm with no pain meds. I still wasn't anywhere close to having a baby. After getting an epidural I relaxed enough to get to the pushing stage - and pushed for two hours - and Little One still wouldn't come. It was at 2:00 in the morning that we had to do a C-section.

Later, my doctor told us that due to certain circumstances of my body, we had a 12% chance of having a successful vbac - and if I tried, there would be risk involved. He told us that with the next one, it would be wise to plan to have a C-section. I will never forget the relief that washed over me when he said these words - because the labor, and then the surgery - along with the emotional let down from my own expectations on myself was something I never wanted to revisit.

Now, two years later, there is still this desire within to try and there is even a bigger desire to be "successful" and prove to myself that I can do it the way I had originally desired. I have asked myself time and again if I am making my choice of a scheduled c-section out of fear? wisdom? lack of faith? All of these questions boil down to the desire in my heart to experience childbirth. I am grieving that there is a very large possibility that will not be a reality for me.

I have decided that we are going to schedule a C-section - and I will rest confidently in that decision. I have also prayed that if it's God's will for me to have experience childbirth, that I would go into labor - and it would be fast and no time for a c-section. Otherwise, I will rest in the date that the doctor and I chose, and we'll go from there.

Since I have come to this conclusion, there is a lot more peace in my heart.

My sister used to be a nurse in labor and delivery - and she had some very encouraging words for me yesterday. She said that a lot of moms who have had the same experience as I and schedule the 2nd C-section are so pleased with the result. They are relieved that it's so much easier than the first, although there may be some disappointment. They are often able to breastfeed when they weren't able to with the first (which is a deal for me as well) and most are ready to go home 48 hours after the delivery. After I talked with her, I had the thought - what's wrong with all of that? I certainly gave my all the first time, and what's wrong with having a somewhat "easy" delivery?

Which brings me to a whole other topic. Sometimes I think it is so weird that I even have a choice. I feel odd making decisions that God should make. Does that make sense? Who am I to determine what day this baby's birthday should be? Just sharing my thoughts here....

The bottom line is that I have to cling to Proverbs 3:5 - Trust in the Lord with all of my heart. Don't lean on my understanding. In this situation (and every other one) acknowledge Him. He'll straighten out the path.

I've had to lay all the facts, opinions, my desires and everything else at the Lord's feet - and trust that he has given us wisdom to know what to do. The bottom line is that we need a healthy baby and a healthy mom. Going this route, I think, will achieve that very thing.

You don't want to miss this...

My dear friend Monica is hosting a fabulous Land's End giveaway at her blog. Head on over and check it out!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Being Stretched...

We are going to have a little baby here in less than a month! It's so funny how different my mind-set is with Baby Brother. When I was this far along with Little One I had our bags packed, the nursery ready, and every piece of baby clothing washed with fragrance-free detergent.

With this one, I am so much more relaxed! We haven't even taken a tour of the hospital yet (we're going to do that tonight) I just started getting the nursery together...heck, I just registered last month! There's a lot to be said for experience...

However, there are areas that I am being stretched as I count down the days of Baby Brother's arrival. And I'm not talking about my belly! :0) The first is that I am emotional about a chapter closing between Little One, Momma and Daddy. I really don't know how else to explain it. Our days and moments together are so sweet and fun. I want to savor every moment with Little One. I wonder how I can make the transition more easy for him - I almost feel guilty for the change that is coming his way. The way things are now will never be again. I remember feeling this same way before Little One was born because I knew that the time between me and Hubs would just not be the same. Now please don't worry that I'm not excited about Baby Brother or anything like that. We are thrilled and can't wait to hold, snuggle and love on him!!!

So, I know there are moms who are reading this and have had more than one child - and I ask you this - did you ever feel this way? Any words of wisdom?

I've decided to split this post into two different parts, simply because it was so long! I'll post more tomorrow about the other stretching aspect of my life right now.... :)

Have a great rest of the weekend!

Friday, July 4, 2008

And the winners are....

Hubs just drew the names out of a hat - and the winners of my little contest are:

Brie is the winner of the Kari Jobe CD


is the winner of the Words for Moms booklet

Congratulations ladies - your goodies will be on their way soon! :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

From this to that

Since moving to Texas, I've started attending a monthly Stamp Camp with a local Stampin' Up distributer. It's been really fun to finally pursue something I've wanted to do for so long. And, it's been fun to discover that I can do it!

So, this is my first official card that I did on my own - and I must admit, I'm a little thrilled with the way it turned out. I made a bunch of them as thank you notes for Little One's birthday presents.

The pictures above are of his first finger painting experience. I brought out the finger paint a few months ago, and he wanted NOTHING to do it. He did not like getting his hands messy and just wanted to draw. It's amazing how drastically things can change in a matter of months! I brought out the paint again last week - and he just couldn't really get enough. He now calls his fingers paintbrushes. :)

Anyway, I traced his hand on a piece of card stock and using that as a pattern I traced his hand- print all over the dried finger painting picture. Cut out the hands, pasted on another piece of card stock and cut out again. There was a lot of cutting involved, but it was so worth it. And, Grandparents, Aunty Ally and Uncle Carter all got a little piece of his first finger painting.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Project Baby Brother's Nursery

Isn't it cute? This is not his actual nursery - this is a photo of all of the sweet things I could buy to get the look. But I just can't justify spending what it would cost to get all of this sweetness. I found the bumper and the diaper stacker (a killer deal from Craig's list) - and I'm going to go from there. There are so many different colors, patterns and materials to work with - it will be fun to see how it all comes together.

The only thing is that I really would like the quilt - but it seems that you have to purchase the whole set in order to get the quilt. So, now I am on the look out for a fun quilt from Etsy to compliment the room. Besides, I'd much rather have something original and handmade rather than something massed produced.

I'll be sure to post a picture of the finished project...