Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mama's Helper

Little One is totally all about being "Mama's Helper" these days. He is always by my side wanting to help in any possible way. Last week when my parents were here we went to Ikea - and I picked up this fabulous wooden stool. Little One loves it and pushes it up to the counter constantly. Here we are making pancakes on Memorial Day.
The stool has another use - the minute we had it put together he sat right down and used it as a table. It's the perfect size!


Susan said...

That is such a great idea! I need to go by IKEA and pick up one too.

Mom2Drew said...

You don't know how BADLY we need an IKEA here (ok, maybe you do know...)

I love that this is multi-functional.

willblogforshoes said...

We're planning a trip to IKEA very soon. I'm putting that stool on my list--my Woggie loves to "help" in the kitchen. And by "help" I mean pulling all of my utensils out of the caddy. :-)