Tuesday, June 17, 2008

play care for mom care

Since moving to Texas, I've had a hard time finding a babysitter. There is something to be said living in a community with family and friends that you know and trust. I know that will come with time, I just haven't found it yet. We have used the local YMCA numerous times, as they host parents nights out, and we get 12 hours of off-site care (meaning the parents don't have to be on the campus) a year with our membership.

Lately, Little One and I have needed some space. I find that there are days when he gets super craby - and I get super frustrated - and we need a break from each other! I feel a little guilty saying this - but that's really the truth.

A couple of weeks ago I was taking Little One to get his haircut and noticed a brand new place called a playcare. My interest was perked - and I popped my head in to get some details.

It's a drop in day-care center. Open from 8:30 am to 10:00 pm (later on weekends). No need to make an appt. All workers are required to take early childhood classes - and have gone through criminal checks and all that stuff. Walking through the center my child-care background was thoroughly impressed - and I was even more impressed with the director as she was showing me around. They'll even feed him a meal if we ask, for a few more bucks.

The best part, is the cost. There is a once a year 35.00 fee - and then they charge an hourly fee. The hourly fee is less than what I would pay a babysitter - no complaints here!

Right now my plan is to give myself a couple of hours a week - of me time - and he can have his time at the playcare. I think it's worth it - for I know I am a better mom if I have some uninterrupted time for me.

Little One LOVES our new playcare find and calls it school. I have no idea how he put that all together - as we have never talked about "school" before. He gets to have interaction with other kids, new activities, and new toys. Every time I have picked him up he is giggles and grins.

Last night Hubs and I wanted to go out to dinner. We dropped him off at the playcare - and on the way there Little One was telling me he was tired. We had had a super busy weekend, and he had been a grouch and testy all day long. I was really tempted to cancel - but knew the date night was important to Hubs - and figured Little One would probably just go to sleep at the center.


When we returned from our dinner out at 10:00 pm, he was WIDE awake and having a ton of fun. This morning he has been much more independent and very obedient. Plus, Hubs and I had a very relaxing and enjoyable time - both feeling refreshed and renewed in our relationship. As Hubs put it this morning: "He got a break, we got a break, and everyone's happy!"

I am realizing that there are so many sides to look at when making my "mom" decisions. There are times when abandoning the "common sense" plan and schedule is actually much more beneficial - for everyone involved. I am learning that there is so much value is saying "Why not?" verses "We shouldn't" or "We can't". And I am learning that we need to have little breaks from one another - and that's perfectly okay.


*carrie* said...


Thank you for this post. I've been trying get more creative in setting up playdates and babysitting swaps. Nathan is a totally different person around other kids--much more pleasant to be around than at home with just me. =(

Susan said...

That is great to find this place for Liam . I am pretty blessed to have the grandparents up the street that are available anytime for us. It really is good for both Josh and myself to have a break! Great post.

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

Because I don't work outside the home, I am always nervous when I admit that I take my son to kindercare for one half day a week. It was originally to do pre-school stuff with my daughter but now it's summer and I use it for mommy/daughter or just mommy time.

We don't live close to family either so those special hours are really nice. And he is learning new things to boot.