Monday, June 16, 2008

Shoo Fly!!

Friday evening a bug exterminating service sales guy knocked on our door (AKA My Life-Saver). We were an easy sell. First of all, he had come earlier in the evening before Hubs got home and stopped mid-sales pitch and said:

"Would you like me to come back when your husband is home so you can decide on this together?"


Second of all, he had a picture and a name for the little bugs I have been finding around our home - that I had never seen before moving to Texas. He even gave me an explanation as to why and how they get in our home. I thought it was because I wasn't keeping our house clean enough or something of the sort. Nope! It turns out this is a common problem.

Third, it's been on my list to research and find a bug service. In Colorado, we never needed such a service. Not so here. Little One has received so many bug bites this spring - and I am so sick of killing spiders and whatever else happens to crawl my way. We've found some big guys creepin around. And, we have an aunt farm that likes to move around our backyard - from our patio furniture, to underneath the planter, to who knows where else. Little One now walks around the planter saying "ton of ants!!" Because momma's been saying those exact words the past couple of days. Every time we water the nest is disturbed - and they come bustling out. Every time I have found their hide out - I treat with ant killer - and they locate a new home. The bug man said that really, only 20% of the ants die when they are treated, and 80% of them move to a new place. Ha! And they thought they were tricking me.

So, they are scheduled to come today and shoo the bugs away. The salesman gave us fair warning that after the treatment there will be an emergence of bugs because their homes will be destroyed. Oh great - at least I had fair warning.

Then there are the fruit flies. The question of the month has been "WHERE ARE THEY COMING FROM?" Originally I thought that they were living in our house plants - so I banned all of my two house plants to the garage. They still buzzed around and drove me absolutely crazy. Well, I figured it out this weekend. It's my pretty fruit basket that I had sitting on my island. I keep (kept) it filled with fresh fruit - and that seems to be their main attraction. I asked the bug guy and he said put all fruit away in the fridge - and cover the drain at night. They are drawn to moisture. I did that - and they are gone after three days. But I do miss my fruit basket.

Does anyone have some handy tips as to how to get rid of fruit flies without banning the fruit to the fridge?

I can tell you what doesn't work - These little sticky fly traps.

It cracks me up how they painted little flies on the trap to draw the real fly in. I had this hanging in various places in my kitchen for a week (I even put it in the middle of my fruit basket) and caught not one fly - big or small. The fly-swatter is a much more efficient tool - and Little One now knows the reality that it is not a pretend guitar - but we "Hit Bugs!" with it. :)

Have a great day!


Susan said...

A venus fly trap plant? Yikes! We only have flies as problems right now. It is so dry the mosquitoes are laying low! I am so glad.

Michal said...

Fruit flies are awful and annoying. I have noticed that we have them here in PA and I don't remember having them in VA. I have found if you put a wine bottle with a swig of wine in the bottom that they will fly in for the wine and not be able to get out and eventually drown. Also, they LOVE bananas, so a fruit bowl might just have to be banana-less or get rid of bananas before they are very ripe. Good luck!

Whitt Fam said...

I can't stand bugs. We have so many here in Alabama, including black widow spiders. In the 2 years that I've been here, I have discovered 10. I am totally freaked out! We have the bug man come to our house too, but they still don't seem to go away. I am getting all itchy and scared just thinking about it now. Ick!

Rally said...

I can't give you any advise, for I live in the state you left;). But, I found this post quite humorous. Welcome to Texas. I love that Little One knows what to do with the fly swatter... He always puts a smile on my face.
Love you