Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Random thoughts from the expectant mother.

  • Today I got out all of Little One's newborn clothes. Oh the sweet memories! Meanwhile he was climbing boxes in the closet, hanging on the rail shouting: "doing 3 shinups! 4 shinups!" Translation: he saw a sesame street where one of the actors was doing chin-ups and counting as he went. This is the only place I can think that he learned about chin-ups - as his momma certainly isn't doing them!
  • I ran into a mom at the Pediatrician yesterday who recommended I look into a local Stroller Strides group. It's the first I've heard of it - anyone else familiar? It's really interesting that this meeting happened - because I have been longing (like crazy!) for the prenatal water aerobics class I attended before and after the birth of Little One. I can't find anything like that around here. Maybe this will be a good option.
  • I am definitely in nesting mode - as I have a list of recipes to cook and tons of unfinished projects that I started last week and am determined to finish by tomorrow. (Ha!! :)
  • This morning I made an early morning trip to the grocery store to buy more blueberries. I bought some last night, and decided they were such a good deal I needed more. Now I need to go freeze them! *Was it really worth a 6:45 trip to the store??*
  • I am stumped about what to do with Baby Brother's nursery. My original thought (back when Little One was three months old or something) was to reuse all of Little One's crib bedding - we got it from Pottery Barn Kids and it's so cute. BUT - Little One is totally attached to the quilt - and it's kinda become his thing. I don't really want to spend a ton, I don't know if I should even put bumper pads on the crib, and am ready for a new look. But what should that look be?
  • To register or not? There are some things that we will need - but not a whole lot. Did you register on the second time around?
  • Do I get photos taken of my belly? I've seen some really cool ones, and kinda want to - but then don't really. I kinda regret not doing this with Little One - but then I don't. Heather, I wish you were close by so you could just take them - it'd be so much easier with a friend!!
  • Little One went to bed early tonight - Hubs is working late, and I have the house to myself!! Hmm...what should I do? Bake, paint, put away all of these piles around my computer? (where do they come from anyway???) watch a movie? I'll go decide right now.


Rachel said...

Hi Rebecca, it surely sounds like you are in an energetic nesting mode. Just thought I would give my two cents, to add my random thoughts to your random thoughts. :) We had crib bumpers for our first but when our second came along they didn't really work for a little girl and I actually found it to be SO much easier to change the sheet and mattress pad without them on there, plus I didn't have to worry about her rolling into them and not getting enough air. But maybe I am paranoid. I figure when they are tiny they can't really move from where you put them and by the time they can then they are tough enough not to be hurt at all by rolling into the crib. As for registering, it may give family some idea of your needs and I think by doing it you may get on some mailing lists from Target and Babies R Us which would provide you with great coupons for months down the road. Have a great night and enjoy these next several weeks as you prepare.

Debi S. said...

Hey, my two cents is definitely check out Stroller Strides. I do it here in Oregon and I've met some super amazing women and my body is rockin' after having 2 babies.

You'll love it!

Mom2Drew said...

I have a near-new bumper you can have if you want it. I would not spend a ton because you usually take them off around the 5month mark anyway. It's animals, like aligator/elephant/tiger etc...just babylike-really cute and near new. Got it at Babies R Us 2 years ago.

Get photos taken, no matter how. I have 1 photo from each of the boys' pregnancies and regret not having more. I know a photographer in Austin, just don't know how expensive she is. Even if Wil just takes a few of your belly, get some done for yourself, 20 years down the road...you'll want them.

Christina said...

I also second taking the classes.. I heard of them when I had my first and then was pregnant again.. Not realized I could do it while pregnant I waited until 6 weeks postpartum with baby #2. I loved the classes. Took them for 5 months and then decided to open one myself. Now I get a great work out 3 times a week with my boys! Good luck!!!

Whitt Fam said...

I heard of Stoller Strides, though have not done it myself.

I didn't know you were having another boy. Congrats! Maybe you'll have 3 boys with my 3 girls! Ha.

I think you should take belly pics, even if it's only Hubs who takes them...

I have heard of the bumper thing, but I think if you secure yours tightly and it's not the real poofy kind, then you're probably fine.

Isn't it sentimental to go through little baby stuff again?

I love your blog. I wish I had more time to devote to mine to make it more interesting. I guess that can develop over time.

Hope you're feeling okay!


Whitt Fam said...

One more thing--
I use a bumper now for my 19 month old only b/c she sticks her legs through the crib bars, on purpose, then gets stuck. The bumper prevents that.
I'm sure you, as momma, will know what's best for you.