Friday, June 6, 2008

happy to you song

We've had so much fun doing birthday things this week. However, it seems we can only take a little birthday each day. We still have about five presents to open!
On Wednesday Daddy took the afternoon off and we went to the children's museum and then out to pizza. When Daddy got home he brought a mylar balloon bouquet home - and that has kept Little One very busy! We also brought out one of his gifts from Grandma W and Aunt Ally, which was an easel. Oh my, that's all he's wanted to do for the past three days - draw and paint! When we got home from the museum all he wanted to do was play with his balloons and his daddy. There was no interest in birthday cake or presents.

Last night we had birthday cake complete with birthday hats and party blowers. He loves for us to sing "hap to you song" and every time we sing his name he erupts with a yeah! and clapping of hands.

Maybe we'll get around to the present part of the birthday this could very well last through the weekend. :)
A Blue's Clues Paw-print cake
We've just learned the best part of being "mama's helper" in the kitchen. :)
Singing "Hap To You Song"
Fun at the children's museum

I took a bunch of pictures that I can't find on my camera??? So, hopefully there will be more fun shots once I figure out what is going on.

Have a great weekend!


Susan said...

Very cute paw cake:) Happy Birthday little one.

Whitt Fam said...

A paw print. What a great idea.
And "Little One" is the cutest thing. He looks just like his momma. Can't believe he's 2!

How are you feeling? Won't be long now till your world changes again! I enjoy reading your blog...

Holly said...

So glad you stopped by Rebecca. There IS such a sweet spirit at New Life. The folks are just so welcoming and genuine. We go to Tri-Lakes Chapel in Monument.

We are from Texas! We just switched places, huh?

Praying you have found a sweet church home there in TX.
In His Joy,

*carrie* said...

cute cake, cute boy.