Monday, June 23, 2008

You know your in your last trimester when...

  • You are down to about two outfits, because all of your maternity clothes barely fit, yet you can't justify spending money on clothes that will only be worn for one month.
  • Things stay on the floor - simply because it is too much to bend over to pick it up.
  • Water gives you heartburn.
  • There are not enough pillows in your bed to support all the different parts of your body that needs to be supported.
  • You're counting the days based on the number of prenatal vitamins are left in the bottle.
  • You're tired of eating, yet you just can't quite get enough.
  • An amazing amount of tasks get done around your home - and you wonder -why you cant always be this productive when this tired?


*carrie* said...


This list made me laugh, and it also to give you a hug!

Thinking of you--

Mom2Drew said...

Oh sweetheart...I can RELATE as you well know. The end is in sight. Any name reveals yet? I think Promise is going to name her boy, Mason. What do you think of that?

You have such a wonderful way with words, have I ever told you that?

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

Oh, the pillows... I had one body pillow, one for my head, one for propping up behind my back so I could lean against it. I used to sit in the floor and scoot to pick up toys too. And my husband would come running if I so much as grunted or groaned. I miss that part. Enjoy your last few weeks.

Susan said...

The pillows got me too. Oh, girl, I remember thinking, the day I can lay on my stomach would be like heaven! Boy, how are you doing in the heat of Texas? Take care!

Whitt Fam said...

Poor thing. I feel your pain! Hang in there. It won't be long now.

Anonymous said...

I totally feel you on this!! Totally!