Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"Miderman Boots" - Little One's Favs

We are borrowing these Spiderman boots from Little One's little cousin, Jullian. It was silly of me to even pack them when we moved from Colorado, but somehow they made the cut. Well, they have become Little One's favorites. When he spies them he follows me around with them until I put them on his feet. "miderman boots! miderman boots! Put on!" Once on his feet, they don't come off until bath time. Here is a picture of how he looks most days when we are around the house: Jammie top, diaper and spiderman boots in 70 degrees. Can it really get much better than that?


Mom2Drew said...

Ohmyword that is hilarious! I love how much personality he has, it just oozes out of him via pictures. Oh how I wish I could get my camera on him now;)

*carrie* said...

What a get-up--so funny! Please don't tell me it's that warm there. We woke up to NEGATIVE 17!

Susan said...

I have a feeling JR and Little One could be kindred spirits. That is awesome!!