Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This and That...

I suppose I should post something so we can get past the lizard under my refrigerator. The lizard has been caught and released. My sweet babysitter captured it - she was happy to report to me that she found a lizard while I was out and that she and Little One took it outside and put it in the grass. Thank you Dear Heart!

Today Little One asked me if we could go for a walk to look for snow and bugs.
"Walk? Find snow bugs?"
"You want to go for a walk to look for snow and bugs?"
"Ants! Okay!"

Little One is completely taken by anything that has to do with Christmas. He wants to watch Christmas DVD's all of the time, and loves to pretend to ice skate. I love that about him. I know he gets it from his Momma and Dadda, who both love Christmas. It's too bad for him that we moved from snowy Colorado to No-Snow Texas. Hopefully we'll have white Christmases when we go to visit!

So, despite being nine months pregnant and not really wanting to go look for snow in the 100 degree temps, I joined his quest. We looked high and low for both bugs and snow and found neither. It was so hot that not even the bugs were out. The closest thing to snow we found was the popsicles we had when we got home. Here's some documentation of our little journey.

No Bugs Here.

Nor Here.This is the walk way that leads to our front door. Little One loves to sit on these steps and "think". He'll say: "Sit and think." Then he puts his hands under his chin and says "hmmm".
I wonder what he's thinking about here. He was in some pretty deep thought.

And while I'm uploading pictures, here's some from last week. The first set is what I found in the kitchen when returning from switching the laundry. He was able to reach the carton of strawberries on the counter and was quite happy with his find. If you look closely you can see the Tiger stripes he drew on himself 20 minutes earlier. And the pink bandana? It used to be mine. Not for the time being!.

And, we are loving the pool this summer. I've never been much of a water kind of girl, but am rapidly becoming one. Little One loves to go to the pool and we always have such a fun time. Plus, it totally wears him out for a nice long nap! :) Here's some that I took last Sunday. The pool is really shallow and never goes above 2 feet for much of it. Perfect for little people!

Coming to tell Momma "My turn to swim". Meaning, it's your turn to swim with me - pronouns are a tricky thing to learn! Daddy lying on the "beach in the back ground cracks me up! :)

"Swimming" with all of his heart.


Anonymous said...

Oh he reminds me so much of Woggie... loves strawberries, putting wacky things on his head, and gaining MASSIVE amounts of independence every single day. Yesterday he even opened the dishwasher (that wasn't quite finished with the final drying/sitting cycle) and got out his new Cars cup that he was dying to drink out of.

What are we going to do with two of them?! :-)

*carrie* said...

Cute pix, Beck. Monica and I watched a Christmas movie last night!