Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Heels

Okay, I have to tell you about this wonderful little product. I have always had a problem with cracked summer time heels. This summer they are worse than they have ever been! So, about a month ago, I went on a search at my local Walgreens to see what I could find to treat my aching, dry heels. While standing in the medicine isle looking at all the Doctor Scholls treatments, a helpful employee asked what I was looking for. She then directed me to the cosmetic side of the store to these little gems. And, they work wonders! They didn't cost much, and they are washable too. I like them because I can still get the moisture treatment without wearing socks every night. There's no way on earth I'm sleeping with a pair of socks on this summer!

I've used a variety of lotions with my wraps - but the best has proven to be lanolin. You know, the lifesaver of new breastfeeding mommas? That's right - it works wonders on dry cracked heels combined with my hot new heel wraps. Bye Bye dry heels! :)


Susan said...

Lanolin, alright, I have plenty of leftover. Thanks forthe tip Rebecca!

willblogforshoes said...

Those heel things look awesome! Adding to my Walgreens list!

Whitt Fam said...

I have never heard of such a wonderous thing! I am going to try this too!