Thursday, July 10, 2008

Baby Transportation

Yesterday was a huge milestone. Little One and I went to Target to do some grocery shopping. When he saw the carts he wanted to ride in the MOTHER cart. You know, the one that seems like you are pushing a train with the two little seats in the front?

We've tried this cart before - and in the past, I've used it like a bribe - and set it up to be a special privilege to ride in such a cool cart. Who am I kidding? Little One seems to think it's a jungle gym. In, out, up, around and over the thing... by the end of my shopping trip I am about ready to pull out both of our hair, while pushing an empty ENORMOUS cart and chasing a toddler.

So, yesterday, I had determined to just grab my regular cart, and let him walk through the store. My list was small, and I didn't want to fight the cart issues.

The minute we stepped inside he spotted the red train of a cart. And insisted that he ride in it. I am sure you can imagine the two year old insisting part. I told him that he had to sit there and buckle his seat belt - or we would put it back. And oh my goodness! He did it! He sat in the seat and didn't even fight me the whole shopping trip. For the first time he noticed all of the pictures that Target hangs from the ceiling. "Thet's that?" (What's that?), with finger pointing to the signs, was the premise of our Target visit. We made it all the way through the grocery part, and I was even able to hit the baby isles to pick up some good deals. He sat through the check out lane - the melt down happened when he saw the bananas being lifted out of the cart and had to have one. And then sit at little snack area tables. And then want a special treat. And then see a picture of a blue icey drink and want that. So, the last two minutes didn't go so well, and we left the store crying. But, that's so much better than half way through the shopping trip!! Way to go Little One!

Which brings me to the topic of my post. So, how in the world are we going to do Target trips with two little ones? I am tempted to think that all my shopping will be done later in the evening when I can go childless. But, let's be real. That's probably not going to happen as often as I like.

I am thinking about toting that baby carrier and managing a toddler. I personally find that carrier so heavy and awkward. So, what do you all think about baby slings? I've read about them on blogs, and I even saw some for sale in Target yesterday. I never used one with Little One. But, I can't help but think this may be my solution when we venture out and about.

My question is this - how do you know what kind to buy? There are so many different ones to chose from, and heavens, I don't think I want to spend a fortune investing in baby slings. So, I'd love to hear if any of you have any input - as well as resources to turn to.

My other quandary is the double stroller. To buy or not to buy? There are days when Little One loves to ride. There are days when he doesn't. When Little One was born I got the whole travel system deal. It worked great. But, now do I want to plop down the money for the double travel system deal?

During our latest trip to Babies R Us, we checked out all of the double strollers and found one that we thought would work. Hubs and Little One actually spent most of the time running around the store seeing all the different ways the stroller could go. (ie - popping wheelies, how fast it can turn a corner, etc, both having a grand time). We decided on one that was super cool looking and riding (which would mean I'd have to get the matching infant car seat just because I want it all to match.) Then, on July 4th while walking through the park we noticed that Little One had pretty much outgrown the stroller we have now, which is the same line as the one at Babies. I guess the boys were too busy running around the store for us to notice that detail. Now we're second guessing our original choice.

Then I was at the Y on Saturday and saw this. I even talked to the momma who was pushing it and got her opinion. This seems like the best option - price and all.

But again, I'd love to hear your opinions about double strollers. Are they worth it?


thehomespunheart said...

Oh my goodness - I strongly dislike those big red carts - I refuse to let my girls in one!

Ok, I have a Snugli that I used with Rachel - it worked for her because she was teeny tiny and not super heavy. Now, with a boy - this was not working for me. My sore neck is proof.

But, I have a fabulous solution! My friend Grace got me onto this wrap and her neighbor makes them. I tried hers first and then she bought me one. I think I'll do a post about it next week. Basically it is a long piece of fabric that can be tied in lots of different ways (CD with instructions included) and it distributes the baby's weight so basically you feel like the baby is part of you. You are hands free - voila.

I've never been big on the slings because the babies always look so uncomfortable. But, Samuel LOVES this wrap and I love it too.

I do different things for different stores. If it is a store with a big cart (Wal-Mart or Target) I usually do the baby carrier in the basket, toddler in the seat buckled in. I put my groceries in the bottom of the cart. If it is somewhere without a big cart - I put Samuel in the wrap and either have the girls walk or put Rachel in the stroller.

I've never had a double stroller - so am none the wiser, but we've been fine without it. I didn't know where to store it and that ended up deciding it for me. I can think of a handful of times I wished I'd had one, but not enough to warrant the expense and headache.

For walks, we use the Red Wagon, both girls ride, Samuel in wrap.

Ok, that's just my two (hundred) cents - sorry to write a book! :)

Mom2Drew said...

Get a maya wrap Rebecca...they are amazing! Easy to figure out and made VERY well.

On the double stroller, we've got the graco quattro. It's slightly more, but is the easiest to fold up and turns on a dime!

Mom2Drew said...

The bad thing about a sit and stand stroller is when little one gets tired...there's no where for him to sit and rest.

ON the quattro, you can manuever the infant seat in front OR back and then, when he's outgrown that, there are two identical seats for each slightly higher than the other. The front and back recline as well, so it's really nice for resting. Andrew and Nate love being in the stroller. When we're out shopping, Nate goes in the cart and Andrew in the front. Nope, not a lot of room for the groceries, but Nate's become good at holding stuff;)

Michal said...

Oh, the dreaded Target trip. I, too, strongly dislike those big red carts. Ryan thinks it is the jungle gym at the playground. What I usually do is keep my list short, even if that means more frequent trips, and reward good behavior with 10 minutes of toy aisle time. Lindsey often rides in the cart and Ryan walks (runs) near or around the cart.

I have hardly used and do not like the duo glider. It is very hard to steer with a bigger child in the front and hard to access the rear seat when using the carrier. I prefer the single stroller and constantly reminding Ryan to be good and stay close to me. (not saying that is how it usually ends up!)

I always used my Baby Bjorn and had good luck with it.

Hope this helps you figure it out, but the best solution still is to go by yourself and leave Hubs home with the kiddies!

thehomespunheart said...

I forgot to tell you what kind of wrap it is that I like:


Lara said...

That big cart is a daggum nightmare with my girls. I about have a breakdown everytime I give in to them to use one. I try to avoid it now at all costs! And with 3 I am sweating bullets with that while carrying the newborn in the Baby Bjorn carrier (which I highly recommend by the way and have used it with all 3 babies). With 2 kids you just use the carrier and toss the toddler into the upper part of the cart. When the newborn is bigger, sit him in the cart and toss the older one in the big section and pack him in!
Finally, I would get a double stroller. I got one at a yard sale. A cheap one will even do the trick, cause it's gonna get beat up anyhow...
You make me smile!

Rachel said...

We have had a few double strollers. Since the kids have all been so close together, for me it was a necessity, though with two I could have gotten by with the Baby Bjorn or a wrap and a regular stroller. Avoid Evenflo. My fave for walking on all terrain is the double jogger side by side from InStep (about $150) and it fits through a doorway in public places if you are careful, has a swivel or locked front wheel and turns SO easily, even if it is a bit bulky. We also have the Graco side by side, I think it is called the DuoRider and like it...folds up very compactly, though a carrier does not pop in. I guess maybe my advice would be to wait until Baby Brother is here and you have adjusted awhile to see if Little One can handle not being in a stroller or if your back can handle carrying your sweet newborn.

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

I used a snugli for the first few months for the baby. It was harder to pick up the toddler and put them in the cart but we managed. I did do a lot of my big shopping in the evening and take my toddler with me for some one on one time. You'll figure out what works for you.

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

Also, please email me your address as I'd love to send you a baby surprise.

Anonymous said...

We are very fortunate that a coworker of my hubby's is letting us borrow her double stroller. It's in perfect shape and it's one that was WAY more expensive than we could ever afford. Of course, I'm looking into slings/wraps to help us get through the early months!

oh amanda said...

I've been wondering this same thing. I think I'm going to do the sling when the pirate is little (I just got a little pouch from for like $20). But a double stroller does seem nice...especially that sit/stand!

KathyEller said...

HELLO! I just stumbled upon your blog and am soo excited for you!!!

Yes!! to a double stroller! I had a newborn and two year old, then a 4 year old, two year old and newborn and now a two year old newborn and 8, 10, 12. I NEVER let my children walk around stores etc. They go in the stroller and they havent complained. There have been times when I pile stuff in the stroller too :)
After researching and praying and hemming and hawing...I bought a used double stroller made by Baby Trend where now I click the infant carrier into the front seat, then later there are two seats (stadium levels) and then the back seat removes for one of those little step seats you showed.
I am woman of stature with a large chest....Snugglies and B'Jorns never worked for me. I got a custom made pouch sling on ebay for my newborn and then am getting an Ergo baby carrier. In the past I used a ring sling at first (they dont dit me for a larger child) and then used a Kelty backpack after 4 months. In the grocery store I used to put the little baby in the backpack and the larger baby in the cart.