Sunday, July 6, 2008

Being Stretched...

We are going to have a little baby here in less than a month! It's so funny how different my mind-set is with Baby Brother. When I was this far along with Little One I had our bags packed, the nursery ready, and every piece of baby clothing washed with fragrance-free detergent.

With this one, I am so much more relaxed! We haven't even taken a tour of the hospital yet (we're going to do that tonight) I just started getting the nursery together...heck, I just registered last month! There's a lot to be said for experience...

However, there are areas that I am being stretched as I count down the days of Baby Brother's arrival. And I'm not talking about my belly! :0) The first is that I am emotional about a chapter closing between Little One, Momma and Daddy. I really don't know how else to explain it. Our days and moments together are so sweet and fun. I want to savor every moment with Little One. I wonder how I can make the transition more easy for him - I almost feel guilty for the change that is coming his way. The way things are now will never be again. I remember feeling this same way before Little One was born because I knew that the time between me and Hubs would just not be the same. Now please don't worry that I'm not excited about Baby Brother or anything like that. We are thrilled and can't wait to hold, snuggle and love on him!!!

So, I know there are moms who are reading this and have had more than one child - and I ask you this - did you ever feel this way? Any words of wisdom?

I've decided to split this post into two different parts, simply because it was so long! I'll post more tomorrow about the other stretching aspect of my life right now.... :)

Have a great rest of the weekend!


Lara said...

You'll always have your "firstborn" and cherish those moments. And #2 will just add to the excitement of the family (and I do mean excitement). Things will speed up and get crazy, but you will adjust and grow in new ways, just as you did before you had your firstborn. Each child holds his special place. You will see...

Anonymous said...

I'm in exactly the same place as you! I'm having a hard time with guilt about things changing for Woggie. At random times, I get very emotional about having to divide my time. I just don't see how he'll understand!

Ok, enough of that, I'm going to start crying again. Everyone has been very reassuring to me that they, too, felt the same way and that once the new baby gets here everything will be fine!

I'm going to keep checking back here, though, to see all the words of wisdom left in your comments!

Mom2Drew said...

Oh yea...I've been there (not too long ago)

The only thing I can tell you is when he's here, it just changes. You start to build new memories with your oldest and create all new ones with the little guy. Somehow God makes it work in ways I can't explain. It's almost like your heart just grows into 2 different ones.

it's ok to "grieve" a little too, I think that's completely normal and natural/healthy.

The moment you see your new one, you'll wonder how the 3 of you ever did without.

I heard a GREAT saying the other day. I'll use it for us and you just plug in your names.

Andrew chose his family because of William and I. Nathaniel chose his family because of Andrew.

Rachel said...

Oh, Rebecca, yes I did feel uncertain and grieved a bit when as we anticipated baby #2. I think this is very natural, especially if they are close together. I did have fears about the transition, but now when I see my children growing up together I see the tremendous gift it is for them to have siblings, to learn at home how to share and also they do provide great entertainment for one another...which frees a bit of time for mom to handle the affairs of the household. You will do great with this transition!

Michal said...

I will reiterate what Mom2drew said... I was going to type close to the same thing, but she said it first and BETTER!

It is also likely that, except for maybe the first month or 2, Little One will not remember that there was a time when he was the only kid. I am certain that Ryan does not remember his only child days and he was almost 3 when Lindsey was born.

As for you, you will not have time to think about what it was like before! And your family will be that much more enriched.

Looking forward to that "arrival announcement"! Best wishes!

thehomespunheart said...

I will third what Mom2drew and Michal both said. I have felt a lot of the same things you explained as well - and truly as Michal said, our lives are that much better for having grown. I do have a hard time remembering what it was like with only one or even two now. We just grow into a new family and it just fits and feels right. Not to say that things don't change - but in the end, I think they l-o-v-e having siblings to hang out with, play with and love.