Tuesday, March 4, 2008

last weekend...

Sorry for the long delay in posting. I've had some technical difficulties with the computer - I'm afraid we're going to need a new one before long. It's super slow and very frustrating to work with. Although, Hubs has been putting some great time and effort into making it work better - Thank you Sweetie!

Here is an update of last weekend:
  • We bought a second car! Yippee!
  • We took a drive and discovered that one of the inlets of a nearby lake is just 20 minutes from our house. Complete with camp ground, picnic area and boat dock! Living by the water is going to take this Colorado girl some getting use to. I couldn't believe it as we sat there and watched two boats take off.
I had more pictures to post - but this is all my slow computer would allow. Oh well, you get the idea. Isn't it beautiful? Come visit any time from now until fall and we can rent a boat and play in the water! Hubs is going to go within the next couple of weeks and scout out boat rental and the lake. I'm not too comfortable piling a pregnant lady and a toddler into a boat for two plus hours when none of us have any boating experience at all! But it is something we would like to eventually do as a family.
  • I went to blow bubbles for Little One and discovered a lizard had crawled into our bubble bucket. I have never done well with creepy crawly things, and didn't do well at all when I poked the bubble wand into the bucket and felt something hard. I peered into the little holes of the bubble container and could see portions of green reptile arms, a tail and an eye. I was left to my imagination what it was - and did a "oh my goodness I am so grossed out and that thing might come out and get me" dance in the back yard. Little One thought I was playing a new game a cracked up at my reaction. I did this same dance when I walked out of my bedroom and saw a huge winged bug creature flying around and then landed at my feet. I have no idea what kind of bug this was - but you could hear the wings flutter and it looked like a cross between a mosquito and a ??? I have no idea. Yuck! I like the warmth of Texas, however, I do not like the bugs and creatures that seem to abound. And this is only March!


thehomespunheart said...

Oh my - I can SO feel your pain on the lizards and bugs! Something about the warm weather and humidity makes them thrive!

We had a frog in our house one time and I was beside myself trying to figure out how to get it out! I chased it around trying to slap a box over it so David could take care of it when he got home but it kept hopping before the box landed. Finally I had a light bulb moment where I realized it was hopping away from me and I chased it out the front door - good riddance!

The one time we had a lizard I was SO thankful we had a dog! She likes to catch the lizards and I just showed her the little thing and she was off! She caught it and carried it outside where she let it go! Thank You, Lord for a dog to take care of that lizard!

Susan said...

Ohhhh I am sorry! When I lived in Arkansas, we saw some critters. Thank goodness Germany has no critters except the mosquitoes. Oh, they are miserable. Germany is too old to install AC in their homes. So the only relief you have are open windows. No matter how good your screens are, they somehow end up in your bedroom and zoom zoom zoom all night long.

ctjeablack said...

I feel your pain, the other day I encounteres a snake, a scorpion, fire ants in the yard and a spider the size of a small tarantula! Being a Colorado girl myself, I am very worried about it only being March and what the summer might have in store for us! AUGH!