Thursday, February 7, 2008

Entertainment for little one. And mommy too.

Being homebound much of the time (we still have only one car) I have been looking for ways to keep Little One busy without resorting to the TV. Since moving here he has become an avid fan of "Dora the Explorer", "Elmo's Room", and "Blue's Clues". Blues Clues is especially his favorite - he wants to sit in his "dinking dair!" (thinking chair) and always wants to walk to the mailbox to see if we got a letter. And, any piece of paper that he finds around the house, he holds it and starts singing the "we just got a letter" song. At least the TV is providing some sense of creativity and imagination when we aren't watching!

Anyway, in my search of fun things to do I've found the following - and have become a fan.

The first is Hermie and Friends Scripture Memory Songs CD. A big thanks to my friend, Allison who recommended them. We are total fans! It is pure scripture with a good beat and pace. I have been looking for ways to bring scripture into our daily routine - and this is perfect. So, I just put this CD on and have it playing while we play, dance or whatever we are doing. I notice the difference - the CD brings peace and joy - The TV brings whining and crying. Hmmm....

At Target I picked up this and am super impressed. Little One loves to "help" blow bubbles and wants to hold the wand and tries to blow - only to be frustrated when no bubbles are coming. Well, with this handy deal, Mom has a wand, and he has two - and can run around and chase the bubbles mom is blowing, while trying to blow his own. We've spent much time doing this activity! Oh, and it really is no spill - our bucket has tipped over many times with no mess to deal with.

And, I am anxiously awaiting for the UPS man to deliver this book. I am hoping that this will give me some more ideas - and will be sure to let you know.

Now, for some Mommy fun. I have found some really fun websites. I love little details. So, these sites offer fun little detail kind of things for Mom. Now, I'll be honest, the prices are a little more than I like to pay - but there are some really fun ideas.

The first is See Jane Work. The second is Loop De Lou. I hope you enjoy looking!


*carrie* said...


Fun tips. I gave Monica the Toddler Busy Book for Christmas lsat year. Hope it's inspirational!

Mom2Drew said...

Oh, that bubble bucket looks like GREAT fun...looking forward to trying this Spring! Andrew is loving those Crayola crayons and paint bulbs (for lack of a better word.)