Sunday, March 16, 2008

What a Wonder...

At bed time I sing to him "Jesus, what a wonder you are" and the second time around I substitute Little One's name instead of Jesus.

Here are the lyrics if you aren't familiar:
Jesus, what a wonder you are
You are so gentle
So pure and so kind
You shine like a bright morning star
Jesus, what a wonder you are.

Tonight as I began to sing, he totally pipped up and sang along with me!

Here's Little One's version:
Little One wonder are!
you yentle kind!
shine star
Wonder are!

He is always quiet as a mouse when I sing this song. I was so surprised - it was so sweet and genuine. It's a moment I'll always remember. Life is good.


*carrie* said...


That is so precious! What a sweet song.

Susan said...

Rebecca, Carrie used the only word for this lovely moment, precious.