Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Clean - The Pantry

Sesame Street has become a really good friend of mine. I have tried to take out random TV watching out of our schedule - and one of the times that is alloted for TV watching is Sesame Street. That hour is a precious time for me - I become a busy bee! I owe a word of thanks to Sesame Street for entertaining my toddler and helping me accomplish my pantry cleaning in a timely and efficient mannor!

When we moved in I never really ordered the pantry. We just would get things and put them on the shelves. A couple of months of this madness and this is the result:

This is what I did during Sesame Street:
Took everything out
Washed down the shelves
Wiped down containers/storage bins
Put everything back in categories that make a little more sense!

Here is the end result:

Nothing to get too excited about - but it does bring a sense of completion to the kitchen.
Thanks Monica for the inspiration!


*carrie* said...

Yay--good job, Rebecca! I am thankful for Baby Einstein. =)

thehomespunheart said...

Yeah for Sesame Street! :) Great job on your pantry! Also, I'm glad to hear the bed transition is going smoother than expected. Would tomorrow afternoon work to chat? I'll e-mail you...

Susan said...

Great Job! I am with Carrie, Baby Einstein. They really changed up Sesame Street in Germany. It is so lame and the host is a dumb gay guy.