Thursday, March 13, 2008


Well, it seems that the transition to the big boy bed has not been near as bad as I had feared. We began the first nap time by looking at the broken bed and explaining that he couldn't sleep in it anymore. "Bed broke" is what he kept saying. Then, we "talked" to all of his favorite things in his room and told them that they were going to sleep in the big boy bed with Little One. Little one was totally into this. "mome on animal s yets go.." With that, it seemed to be a done deal. Nap time was no problem. Then, bed time came. It took about four hours for him to go to sleep - but he finally fell asleep due to pure exhaustion. We really worked on expressing that he had to stay in the bed. There were lots of tears and "can't do it"s and "yes, you can do it"s.

Since the four hour deal, bed time has gotten easier. Some nights he just goes right to sleep, and other nights I have found him up exploring his new room. This is becoming more and more common - and tonight he figured out how to open his door! Bummer. There was a sense of security for me knowing he couldn't get out - Ha! Not so anymore. Such is motherhood - right?

But, really - all is well. He loves his big boy bed - and doesn't even make mention of his old room and crib. Thank you so much for the comments and support! :)


Susan said...

I am glad it worked out! I took notes from the comments so when JR transitions, it will be good.

Michal said...

I was going to comment before about being patient and giving it time, (easier said than done, I know) but sounds like things are getting better. I had one of each kind of kid. Ryan slept in our bed alot as a baby and still likes us to lay down with him to fall asleep. Some nites this is inconvenient, but for the most part I tell myself that I will miss these days when he is older. Lindsey was quite different. She slept horribly beside me in bed and easily falls asleep in her crib by herself. I am nervous about the transition to big bed with her since she is so content in her crib.
Regarding your trouble with the door. I have heard of people putting a gate up at the door and leaving the door open, and having the security of knowing he will stay in the room. Good Luck!