Thursday, March 6, 2008

Spring is in the air!

I have been looking forward to this challenge hosted by my friend Monica at The Homespun Heart. She has challenged and given me the motivation to get the final details from our move taken care of. I have those last 15 ? or so boxes that need to be dealt with - pictures to hang - and just a little touching up that needs to be done in each area of our home. A good cleaning on top of all of that will make our home finally feel like Home Sweet Home! Plus, I believe in this post I promised to show you more pictures of my home. Well, you're really going to get to see it - because I will be posting before and after shots. I'm going to let it all hang out friends! Welcome! :)

So, here is the game plan:
March 6th - Office Area
March 7th - Laundry and Game Room
March 8th - Dining Room
March 11th - Kitchen
March 13th - Family Room and Downstairs Bath
March 14 & 15 - Garage (date may move going to need Hubs help with this one)
March 18th - Master Bed and Bath
March 20th - Kid's Rooms and bath

Now, the challenge is open until the 31st - but I would like to get my cleaning done before Easter. We are going to have our first official visitor - my sweet friend Donna Rene is coming to spend Easter weekend with us. I'd love to have all of this done before she arrives.

If you'd like to know more about Monica's Challenge and how you can join in just visit her site! Thanks so much Monica for providing the inspiration and accountability!


*carrie* said...


Wahoo--good for you for participating! I'm excited to see all your pix. That is wonderful DR is coming to visit.

Susan said...

I am thinking of joining Monica's challenge. That will be a good time with Donna Rene. How fun:)

thehomespunheart said...


Yay! I'm so glad you are joining in the *fun*! Your list looks great - looking forward to seeing your progress!

How fun that you will have a CO friend come and visit! :)