Monday, October 27, 2008

Traveling with a toddler

For the holidays we are going to be doing some traveling by air - and I have a couple of questions and would love some input. Any tips? Any ideas on what I bring along to keep Little One busy? How about with an infant? I've never flown with children - and I am not sure what to expect. I'd love to hear what you have to say.


Mom2Drew said...

For little one, I would go to Walmart and get several items that he won't see until the actual day of flying. We like getting those foam puzzles for $1. We'll bring one out one at a time and it'll occupy him for a bit. If you loose the pieces, you're out a $1 and not loosing your most prized item. SNACKS!!!! Let's say he does not normally eat sweets/candy...allow that time to be "fun" and bring out things you KNOW he'll want to eat no matter what. Have him chew something while you're taking off and landing, it'll help with his ears should they have pressure trouble. With little brother, bring a bottle or nurse as you're taking off/landing.

I know there are differing opinions, but for little brother...benedryl can work. I would not give it to little one though, it will just make him cranky because he'll be tired but may/may not be able to fully sleep.

If you have a portable DVD player, bring that with some simple videos. can purchase the TV in the plane-although it's something like $8 now which I refuse to pay. If he'll wear headphones, bring a pair. But I would not worry much about the sound of the video for the sound of the engine and the like will drown it out quite a bit.

Be comfortable. Wear comfy clothing. Have diapers/wipes/change of clothes for both boys easy to get should you need to. You don't want to have to fumble around should you need them.

Make it fun for little one. Look at it as an adventure. He'll like that. keep his shoes easy to slip on and off too for he'll have to take them off through security. It's crazy, but true. Take your time too. If the people behind you in the security line get irritated...tough. Soemtimes they'll have seperate line for those traveling with infants/little ones. if they do...go through it. Everyone else there will be going through the same thing as you and you won't feel that pressure to rush.

Be patient with yourself!

Susan said...

Carrie gave a wonderful tip to me with Josh when he was little. Bring an empty bottle since you never know if they will let you bring that much fluid. Have the flight attendant fill it with warm water and sugar.Give it to baby during take off. Around 30,000 ft is the worst point for the ears. This was successful JR when he was 9 months.

Another friend said have the toddlers chew gummi bears upon take off and landing with ears. Josh likes to chew on these so hopefully this will work on our upcoming flight. Also his pediatrician gives out gummi bears to the toddlers after getting a shot, so I guess this is not a chocking hazard.

I am also trying to have a supply of games and snacks. 12 hours is a long time!

Blessings and cannot wait to hear how it goes. If I learn anything new on my flight, will let you know!

Michal said...

Highly recommend a Portable DVD player!!!!

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

The air sick bags are great for stowing leaky diarrhea diapers. Also, pack extra clothes for both kids on the flight. And make sure to put your name and address somewhere on your car seats. Ask me how I know all this. ; )
And you might want to pack lollipops or a pacifier for Little ones ears.
Pack juice boxes, snacks, and clean sippy cups. Go to the dollar store for Little Guy and pick up a few surprises to keep him occupied during the flights. Maybe even let him help pack his own little bag with favorite toys and snacks for the flight. I checked out chidlrens books on air travel to read to Big Girl before our first flight so she would know what to expect.
Have a good time. And don't worry.
The plane will eventually come down.

William said...

From recently sharing space on planes with Moms and little ones:
the best seating is as far back as possible-last row.

These seats are near all the planes facilities. In addition, perish the thought, it is the least disruptive location with respect other travelers.