Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sleep is a wonderful thing.

I am so happy to report that sweet Baby Brother has slept through the night THREE NIGHTS in a row!

I am a happy Mama.

Other things going on around here...

I purchased a little shopping cart on Craig's List for Little One, thinking it would be a fun toy - and maybe a toy that he could play with on his own. Nope. All day long he would push the cart around the kitchen saying: "Okay Mama, Walk with me. Take my hand." Ah ha! So you do understand me when we're walking the grocery store isle! Those are the exact words that I say to him every time we're at the store. This morning the grocery cart went down the stairs, and he exclaimed: "Oh no! I lost my groceries!"

I love Craig's List, and I love Ebay. Today I posted three things on craig's list - and have already sold two of them. Right now my dining room is filled with stuff I need to sell. I love getting rid of the junk and having cash in the pocket.

I recently joined Facebook - and am totally hooked.

That's it for now. I've got some fun pictures to post - and will do so soon...


willblogforshoes said...

The Wog takes his cart to our pantry and "shops"... which means spilled boxes of oatmeal and dented cans all around the house!

I haven't tried Craig's List... have you sold any clothing on there? I've been listing stuff on e*bay, but the postage is killing me!

Rally said...

That is hysterical! And you thought you'd get some free time~

*carrie* said...

Hooray for sleeping through the night! I've thought about a cart for Nathan, too--that's funny how L responded.

I wish we had Craigslist around here!