Saturday, October 18, 2008

Oh Where Oh Where Can Our Little Bear Be?

In Little One's first Easter basket from Nana and Papa, there was a little turquoise (aka turk-o-boise!) bear with satin angel wings and a heart on his tummy that said "Jesus Loves Me" and played the song if you pushed in just the right spot.

This little bear has become part of our family - he's been held and snuggled by two little hands - he's been a great companion in the cab of a Uhaul for three days, in the transition to being big brother, and just everyday life. He's been through the wash so many times that his arm was about to fall off, and the singing of Jesus Loves Me came to a halt long ago. If you were here, I can gaurantee you will hear either me or the Little One say many times a day:
"Where's your bear?"
And the answer is
"Mama go get it for You.."

We've been working on taking responsibility of bear - and that it his job to keep track of him. So a lot of times when he says "Mama go get it for you" I put the ball back in his court and have him go and get it. But, there are times, I know where bear is - and it's just faster and easier for me to go and get him. Because, here's the deal. Little One likes to hide bear. We've been on some pretty wild bear hunts around here. He's been found him in the spoke of the car tire, the fireplace, the third shelf of our pantry, and outside in various places in the backyard. I almost keep tabs on bear like I do my other two children.

Until Wednesday. Wednesday was the day when I was going through the garage, and posting things on Craigs List. I was gathering things for Goodwill - and had two big piles to go. Little One was toddling around the garage for most of the day. Exploring the garage is one of his favortie things to do. I don't recall seeing bear the whole afternoon. We were so busy.

And bear has been missing since. I am so afraid Little One put him in the trash bag that went to Goodwill - because that was what Mama was doing - putting things in the bag. I have looked high and low. This week my most often prayed prayer has been: "Lord, please help us find Bear!" Little One has prayed and asked Jesus to help us find him. Last night was the hardest night. Up through most of the night - because bear was not by his side.

As we were getting ready for bed, he was crying for bear and said with big alligator tears:
"Mama go and get him!"

How I wish I could, Little Son. I spent two hours doing google searches for bears with satin wings. I've found some that are similar, but can't decide if we should try and replace him, or if we should just let it be.

We'll see what happens. I am going to go to Goodwill to see if I might find him there.

So, how about you? Have you ever lost a favorite love and what did you do?


Allison said...

Sad Day! Tough Call on what to do about the replacement of the bear. Maybe Nana knows where to get another one? I'll say a prayer with you about finding bear.

Lauren Ralston said...

Rebecca, That just breaks my heart, you brought tears to my eyes...i know how much he loves his bear...I will be praying right along with yoU!

*carrie* said...

Of course this makes me think of Emily's "Pinky," who was amazingly recovered after several days gone missing. I hope you find him!