Sunday, October 26, 2008

Things that make my job easier

  • Zippers on baby sleepers vs snaps
  • Baby sacks
  • A new formula can design. No more digging for the scoop! Finally someone got smart!
  • Drive through Starbucks
  • Drive through anything
  • The Automated Postal Machine at the post office. Going to the post office after hours with a toddler is much more easier when he can run around the empty post office than waiting in a crowded line!
  • Chick-fil-a. I love the service when I go there, I love that I can take the toy out of Little One's kids meal and trade it in for a free ice-cream, I love that they have bendy straws, and I love that they have placemats that stick to the table. Oh, and I love that I hear Christain music playing in the back ground.
  • - I LOVE that I can form my grocery list at my laptop and then text it to my phone!
  • Blogs. I once read that mommy blogging is similar to the day when women would gather at the well and get their water (a household chore) and catch up. I love the encouragement, tips on how I can do things better, recipes to try, and just the simple revelation that I am not alone in this job of being a mom. Now, I'll be honest and admit that computer time is a constant source of discipline for me - It's so easy to just read that one new post off my bloglines and before I know it, a whole episode of the Wiggles is done and I haven't done what I wanted to, I've been sucked into blog land - and the TV needs to be turned off. It happens way too often.
  • On that note, Bloglines is a great resource and it has saved me a ton of time. Although my commenting on blogs has gone down - because it takes a little more time to leave one.
  • Friends.
So, what about you? What little things in your life make your job easier? And you don't just have to be a mom to answer. I'd love to know.


Lauren Ralston said...

Agreed - zippers vs. snaps, no competition.
Internet - facebook plus blogs..who needs a telephone
baby einstein - i can get up to 30 minutes of time with this one!

thehomespunheart said...

Bloglines is a biggie for me! :)

Ok, other things -
* Anything that can be done via the internet (reserving and renewing library books!) or a drive through (when are they gonna figure out that we moms *NEED* a drive through post office?!).
* L-O-V-E Chick-Fil-A; everything about it is mommy-friendly!
* Not answering my phone! Thinking of my appliances as servants - including my answering machine. Let THEM serve me, not the other way around.
* And, I agree with you about blogs also! It is such a blessing in my life to have friends without leaving home!
* A chore schedule - really works for me.
* Ordering stamps through the mail (in the free envelopes) love this!

Love your list - fun thoughts!

Murchison said...

Like this list!

My favorites list:

1) Fresh Choice / Hot Tomato - when you have a cornucopia of fresh food that the kids can choose from, everybody wins. Plus, no waiting for the food for those hungry little mouths.
2) -- the kids can learn letters, listen to music and learn how to be computer savvy - oh,and did I mention it gives me 30 minutes of time!
3) - awesome site that helps me manage my playgroup, room parent group and my little league team. It gets us organized and online easier and better than anything else out there!
4) Whole foods - even though it's often called "whole paycheck" at least anything you buy there doesn't have chemicals, preservatives and other stuff you wouldn't want to be putting in your kid's tummies.
5) Lego!

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

Cheese sticks, raisin boxes, easy wipe bibs, tv in the Suv, kids eat free nights, and my coffee maker.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I had NO CLUE that you could trade in your toy at Chick-fil-a! Thanks for the tip!

Now for what makes my job easier:, coffee and/or diet pepsi max, and the wish list function on