Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Fabulous Idea!

One of the things I appreciated most after Little One was born was all of the wonderful friends and family that brought us meals. A fellow mom in my MOPS group just had a baby and we all signed up to bring her a meal. Even though I didn't really know her, I was happy to help out.

When thinking about what to fix, I was reminded of when one of my close friends in Colorado had a baby and she told me that one of her friends brought her a breakfast dish - which was so perfect - because they had a ton of left overs from dinner - but nothing for breakfast.

So, that is what I did for my friend in the MOPS group. I made this breakfast casserole (so easy), cut up some watermelon and had hubs stop at a bakery close to his work to pick up some breakfast goodies. The bakery is called Kneaded Pleasures...isn't that so cute? Anyway, it was totally ideal because I could drop it off to them, uncooked, the night before. I wasn't feeling the pressure to get them a warm meal at a certain time when I needed to do the same for my family. They could put it in the oven the next morning on their time schedule. Also, it was super easy to double the recipe so we had a warm breakfast the next morning too!


*carrie* said...

How thoughtful of you, Rebecca. And a good tip to keep in mind!

Mom2Drew said...

Oh, that IS a fabulous idea!!! Filing away as we speak.

BTW...I am starting that craft you linked me to on that Rocks in my dyer blog. I'm planning it for my bathroom.