Thursday, May 29, 2008

The River Walk

Here are pics from the River Walk - we were surprised at how beautiful it was - and how much history was there! We would love to go back - just the two of us, for a weekend getaway.

If you look closely you can see my big belly resting on top of the bridge with Little One practically sitting on top of it! :)

Little One was fascinated with the boats that went up and down the river along the walk-way. He just had to sit down and take it all in.Little One's first boat ride.
I love these next two pictures - A common thing around our house is a game Little One and his Daddy play where they look for clues (Taken from Blues Clues) and run to find them. It goes something like this:
Daddy or Little One
"There's a clue!"
Little One or Daddy
Daddy or Little One:
"Right There!" (Person saying this points in a specific direction)
Little One or Daddy:
"Thanks!" (complete with sign language)
and they take off running. Here they are playing their game on the River Walk.

This game is very useful when we have to go somewhere - like at the end of our day on the River Walk Daddy said "There's a clue!" and they took off running up the escalator to the lobby of the hotel, onto the elevator, up to the 20th floor, down the hall and to our room with no stopping. :)


thehomespunheart said...

Love all the sweet pictures! So glad you had a fun time away!

PS: The daisy dishes were on clearance the other day at Target - made me think of you!

Mom2Drew said...

It's times like this where I remember how fun it was to live there and go whenever i wanted to. The Riverwalk is still one of my favorite places of all time! can't wait for you to go during christmas. I'll have to have my mom visit your blog today, she'll have the same reaction I did;)

*carrie* said...

I enjoyed these pix, Beck. We had so much fun touring this part of SA and enjoyed dining in the middle of all the action!

Rally said...

Maybe we can watch your little ones as you and your hubby take a long weekend to SA. Great Pics! Enjoyed your recent posts!