Monday, May 12, 2008

Where I've been.

About two weeks ago my little guy was diagnosed with Strep Throat. It was no fun. Long nights with high fevers...

The doctor put him on Amoxicillin as a means to get rid of it. This is the first time he's been on any sort of antibiotic. After nine days of being on the medicine, he broke out in a terrible hive-ish rash. I took him back to the doctor and he's allergic to the Amoxicillin. The reaction was worse than the strep - as he looked so miserable - and itched! I felt so bad for him. Today the rash seems to be mostly cleared up - but he is now running another low grade fever. I hope it's because he is cutting his back molars (I know! On top of all this!) - I am hoping that's the cause and the strep hasn't come back...

I am so tired of Little One being sick. In Colorado it was very rare for him to go to the doctor. In fact, I think we only went twice besides well-baby check ups. Oh well, we'll get this figured out.

So, the time when I am not taking care of a sick toddler, I am trying to get things done, or I am resting myself. Last week was consumed with getting mother's day gifts in the mail - and that gave me a little taste of what Christmas is going to be like! I've never had to send all of my gifts before - and boy does it require extra planning and thinking. However, I am most happy to report that everyone got their gift on time and I didn't spend an arm and a leg on postage.

I am now in my third trimester - and am so very tired. My belly seems to be enormous. Today I put on one of my fav maternity shirts - and it barely fits. When did that happen? Surely I left it in the dryer too long?;) About twelve more weeks to go - and we'll have a baby brother here!

I am so amazed at the difference of my thinking between the second pregnancy and the first. With Little One I was consumed with every movement of the baby - I was taking every birth class I could, I'd show up at each appointment with a list of questions for the doctor. Hubs and I would practice labor and delivery plans... now, granted we know that this time around we will have a scheduled C-section, so that cuts out on the labor and birthing plans. But, I am so much more confident and sure this time around. I love how my body just seems to go back and remember what's going on. It's pretty cool.

Saturday it was over 100 degrees here! I was and am so very thankful for air conditioning!!

We had a pretty relaxed mother's day - I was showered with lots of accessories for my coming I-pod (I'll have to tell that story in another post). We didn't go to church because of Little One's rash - and we just laid low. However, next weekend will be a fun one as we are planning on heading to San Antonio for a little family vacation. I am super excited because we are going to visit Sea World - something I've always wanted to do and haven't- and we're going to stop at a huge outlet mall in San Marcos. I've heard there is a Pottery Barn outlet and Williams Sanoma among other finds there ...I've wanted to go there since moving here but haven't wanted to drive the hour or so to get there. It's on the way to San Antonio - so it's perfect!

I am ready for a break - and I think the rest of the family is too.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!



*carrie* said...


Thanks for checking in. Sorry to hear L's been sick!

We went to SA a couple years ago--what a fun destination!

Mom2Drew said...

Oh gosh...I'm so sorry for all the sickies, that's miserable!

When you're in SA...don't forget to visit the Riverwalk. Seriously, you'll LOVE it and the best place to eat is Casa Rio-right off the Riverwalk. It's reasonably priced and some of the BEST Mexican food ever! You'll love the Riverwalk, be sure to catch one of the boats too (they move slow so you should be ok.)

San Marcos outlets are the BEST ever!!! I'm a bit jealous.