Friday, February 22, 2008

Emergency Rooms and such.

Don't be alarmed - all is pretty much well - although it's been quite the week. On Wednesday Little One awoke with a low-grade temp. Now, being a relatively new mom, I always freak out a little when his temperature flares. But, after going to the doctor numerous times in the past and always being told, "well, he just has a virus, there's nothing we can do but wait it out..." I decided not to rush to the doctor this time. I did call a pediatrician and described the symptoms and she agreed -
"he probably has the flu..."
"We'll be here for another hour and you can bring him in, if not, just bring him in the morning..." Judging from past experience I decided to wait until the morning. Besides, he only had had the fever for three hours. This was all at noon.

Ha. We had a very restful afternoon - and Little one and I both fell asleep for two hours. He awoke shaking, heaving and burning up! I ran to get the thermometer - and it read 105.0! Now, I knew I had reason to freak out - and when he started to vomit - although he had nothing to eat all day - I really knew there was a problem. Thankfully, Wil was on his way home and just minutes away. I was a mess - and couldn't really make rational decisions - so Wil determined to take him straight to the emergency room. We spent about 5 hours there - they got the fever down, they tested him for the flu, RSV which both came back negative. Then they took blood for blood work - and determined that he had a high white blood cell count - and there was some kind of internal infection. Treating with a monster shot of antibiotics.

Poor little guy! All the poking prodding, and not to mention the tiny little hospital gown they put him in. Boy, did it make me thankful for our health. I have a new appreciation for mommas and families that have to deal with serious illness. I've said a few prayers for them in the past few days.

We were advised to see the pediatrician in the morning - to determine if he needed to continue the antibiotics. Sure enough - over night he had developed a full fledged upper respiratory infection. He is now feeling much better - right now wearing his miderman boots and telling me that he is going to throw the trash can. (right now he is totally into figuring out what he can physically toss and what he can't..)

As for mom - she's got the bug. I think one of the hardest things about being a mom is that the world can't stop when I am sick. There are still dishes to do, grocery lists to make, a child to care for, laundry to be done etc.... Now, my sweet husband did stop at the grocery store, ordered me to bed when he got home, brought me soup, and was up some of the night with Little One while I slept - and offered to come home early today. So, it's really not that bad and am so thankful for him. But, being sick sure makes me miss all the friends and family!

I am really hoping that I feel better by this evening - because I am supposed to go to a stampin up workshop. I have been wanting to get into this hobby for a long time - and have found a group that I'd really like to connect with - and tonight is their monthly meeting. I have been looking forward to this all week - as I am so wanting to find friends here.

With that being said, I better go rest - or something of the sort. :) Have a great weekend!


thehomespunheart said...

Rebecca - Oh my goodness - I'm so sorry you've been dealing with all of this. I'm glad Little One is feeling some better and that your hubby was on his way home (did you realize you posted his name here?). I've been thinking of you lately - hope you get to go to the Stampin' Up party tonight!

Mom2Drew said...

OH friend!! I cannot imagine how you felt through all of this-wish I could have been there to help out. I'm so grateful that the temperature is down and that little one is feeling better, but I hope you feel better soon. It's NO fun being sick, let alone pregnant and sick. I left a voicemail on your phone, give me a call when the time is right. We love and miss you guys!!

Susan said...

Oh, I am so glad Little One is ok. That must have been really tough, I am glad hubs was there for you. Hope you are feeling better and get to go to that Stampin Up meeting. Take care.

*carrie* said...


Hope you were able to get rested up over the weekend, and that you're all feeling better!

I always feel sad when N is sick, but your experience was particularly scary. Thinking of you!