Thursday, February 14, 2008

Look What Compassion Is Doing!

One of my favorite blogs to read is Boo Mama. Oh my, she just puts a bright spot in my day. Right now, she and a team of 14 other bloggers are in Uganda with Compassion International right now - blogging about their experience. You can find the links to all of these bloggers here. It's been very interesting to read all of their different perspectives.

When we lived in Colorado Springs, I worked for an organization that did very much the same thing Compassion does. I've seen the pictures, read ooodles of letters from children around the world, and talked with project managers. My Mother-In-Law works for Compassion, and she keeps us up to date on all that is going on there. It's so amazing to hear her testimony as to what God is doing in and throught this organization. We have always wanted to sponsor a child, however, with a growing family and unstable income, we didn't feel it was time to make a commitment.

Then we moved to Texas. As of right now, we don't have a home church and want to give - and thought this would be the perfect time. So, yesterday we sponsored a little girl named Mildred from Uganda. She is three years old who lives with her grandma. I am so excited! It's so great to be on the sponsor side - I mean, having worked for a reliefe agency for years...I guess I kinda let my heart get cold and numb to it all. When I signed up to be a sponsor my heart was beating, and I couldn't wait to write her a letter and get to know her.

I encourage you to visit their website and see what it's all about! If anything, check out the bloggers who are over in Uganda. It's pretty cool.

Thank you, Compassion, for giving our little family the opportunity to reach out beyond our selves.


*carrie* said...

Yay--that's so great, Rebecca! I sponsor a little boy in Guatemala named Ismael. You're right--it's a great way to reach beyond ourselves!

Mom2Drew said...

How fun! We sponsored a little boy Parvez until he graduated from the program. Now we have a little girl Dalia. They LOVE getting letters and anything you think/that's safe to send. What a great way to teach little one too.

Susan said...

That is really great you could do that! I got to go to the Domincan Republic 12 years ago to meet my Compassion child.