Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Morning's Notes to Self....

  • When brewing a cup of coffee in a single cup coffee maker, it's a good idea to put the mug under the dispenser.
  • Do not take your very social, ready to join in any game, son along with you when you are shopping for a preschool. I might as well had put him smack dabb in the middle of a candy store and told him he couldn't have anything. (Someone is way ready for pre-school I might add...)
  • If you do take your son with you, watch him at all times because he may run out the door and hop into the empty seat on the big red stroller that holds eight babies - and then you'll have to explain to him why he can't go for a ride when he so desperately wants to.
  • Be extra sure there are not random leaves, twigs or bite size anythings lying on the floor.
  • Refresh your memory on how to do finger swipes with a gagging baby.
  • Tears are okay.
  • Having a friend who lets those tears fall and then makes you smile in the thick of it, is a blessing and treasure.
  • A good nap for baby, toddler and mama, (at the same time!!) does wonders.

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