Monday, May 18, 2009

Feeding the pigs.

One of the things I miss about Colorado is the Farmers' Market in Old Colorado City. I love a good farmers' market on a Saturday morning. It's the perfect way to start out the weekend. Anyway, the only one I have been able to find here in Austin is located downtown, which is a good 30+minute drive (if there's no traffic) and I just haven't been able to get down there on a Saturday morning.

Until this weekend. My only goal this Saturday was to go and find the market. As we headed out - it started to rain - but we went anyway and beat the rainstorm by just a few minutes. We were able to scout it out and it is a super cool market (with live music!).

I can't wait to go back when I'm not threatened by getting drenched! And, when I go back, I'm going to leave enough time check out this place.

Here's what we came home with - Fresh eggs (SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT), a bundle of onions, a free reusable shopping bag and one carrot. Yep, one carrot. Little One was slightly confused about what a farmer's market was. He was certain that we were going to a farm and that he was going to see pigs and cows.

When we got back to our car after a mad dash through the rain, Little One had a carrot in hand. Neither one of us saw him pick it up - and we have no idea which table he snatched it from. In his words - "I've got a carrot for the pig! Let's go feed him!" In his sweet mind, all these tables held food for us to feed to the animals - and he chose a carrot to feed the pig.

So, much of the car ride home was trying to explain that we don't take things from the tables unless we pay - and what exactly a farmers' market is. It's pretty much clear as mud.

On a completely different note, the bouquet in the back ground - that is my Mother's Day bouquet - and it is just lovely. The Lillis opened up on Saturday - and they are gorgeous! I don't think I've ever had a bouquet that has lasted this long and just keeps getting prettier.

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