Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yeah for Sunday Musings!

It's Sunday night at 8:30 and The Red Sox and the Yankees are playing on Sunday night baseball. I love Sunday night baseball. Every time I come downstairs from putting the boys to bed and Sunday night baseball is on - it just makes me happy. And tonight it's the Yankees and the Red Sox - which always makes me happy because the first year I followed baseball was the banner year when the Red Sox beat Yanks for the American League Championship. Go Sox! :) The first year I followed baseball was the first banner year when I fell wildly in love with the man who is now my husband. Yeah happy memories!

This weekend was a really great weekend. We got some good projects done around the house - and I got some good pampering. (Thank you my Love!) We made it to church this morning.

Church. We have lived in Texas for a year - and still have not found that home sweet home. But, the church we have attended three times now - seems to be a good fit. The service is okay - but the children's department is what keeps us coming back. Every time we pick Little One up he can verbalize and talk about what he has learned. This morning he said "Jesus tells me to obey my parents!" There is a puppet (blue and named Alfred? Alfie? I try to gather all the info I can..)who the kids see every week - and the puppet's message sticks. Yeah for the puppet! Baby Brother came home with a sticker on his bum that said he had been changed. Good to know. On Easter Little One had a sticker on his shirt that read: "I am always with you. Matthew 28:20" I peeled his little sticker off and put it on the back of my cell phone. I was greatly ministerd to through that little sticker - The Lord is with my son. The Lord is with me. Medicine to a mother's heart. Yeah for the sitckers!!

And speaking of Little One - he is so little yet so big.

Yesterday Daddy brought home Kung Fu Panda. Our world will never be the same. This morning he said to his daddy -
"I'm going to pin you."
"oh yeah?"
"Lay down your coffee Dad. I'm going to pin you."

I was so proud of him! Well, because he waited long enough to observe what his Daddy was doing before going into full wrestling mode.

He seems to be brimming with toddlerness this week. He has a new fascination with running around naked. He has ALL OF THE SUDDEN become SUPER PICKY about his shoes and his shorts. What? When? Why??? Today walking from Sunday school we had to stop and "get the grass out!" of his sandals way too many times. We had a full blown crying temper tantrum this morning because he wasn't wearing shorts and his pants were coverning THE SHOES! As a compromise, he went to church wearing the pants - rolled up mid-calf.

At the park this week he almost punched a kid because - well, the other boy was two. And in his world - there is only ONE two year old. The conversation was quite hilarious.
Zander:"I'm two."
Little One:"No I'm two."
Zander"I'm two."
This goes on for awhile.
Little One:"I'M TWO!" Fist going up in the air.
Me:"Little One, don't hit your friend. Put your hand down. Good job."
Little One"I'm two. You are twenty three." then turning to Zander's dad - "Zander is twenty three. I'm two."

Zander just turned two and didn't know what to do with that. So he changed the subject to talk about Thomas and Percy. Good job Zander. Yeah for being two!

And now, it is Sunday night. My house is a complete disaster. I love the weekend - I just can't believe the aftermath. Lots to do tomorrow.

This week the boys and I will be traveling - my BFF all the way from ninth grade(!) is getting married next week! So the boys and I are off to CO for a week packed full of events. Being the Matron of Honor and all that entails - and then attending two baby showers. I know!

And speaking of Baby Showers. Did you know that Babies R Us has a rewards card? It's one of the cards you scan when you buy something there and it keeps track of how much you spent and gives you coupons and dollars back. I didn't know - but if you buy lots of baby gifts there it might be a good thing to know.

That's all I've got for now.

I'll be checking in throughout the week - hope you have a great one!


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