Friday, April 24, 2009

Restoring Order - Refrigerator and Pantry

I love working together on these projects! Knowing that I'm going to report at the end of the week has been so helpful. Just this week my husband said that the house is feeling more empty and feeling good! That was music to my ears!

So, this week I decided to tackle the fridge and the pantry. Like Monica, I was so surprised how little time it took to actually get things into shape. Okay - so here are my before pics:

And here are my after:

This is my fabulous spice rack. Having different sizes and shapes of spice bottles was impossible to keep in order. Plus, it was very time consuming when it came time to bake/cook because I was looking through all of the bottles. This little project was an anniversary gift from my Mother In Law. We found the bottles at Ikea and the labels at Bed Bath and Beyond. It took some time transferring the spices into the bottles, and then labeling them - but let me tell you, it has been a huge time saver in the long run. This is one of my favorite departments of my kitchen! Let me add, that not all of the spices were listed in the label package, so having my own label maker came in handy.

This is my little helper. He was totally content to sit and play with the wooden spoon the whole time I worked.This afternoon we have to go to the monster wal-mart run. It will be nice to come home to a clean and organized fridge and pantry!

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