Saturday, April 18, 2009

Finding Blue Bonnet Fields....

One of the comments that was left on my Blue Bonnet post was how did I find the field and where was it? Well, the field is in Austin - and sorry, but I don't know the first thing about where there might be Blue Bonnets in Houston. I wish I could help - because I know the feeling! You've asked a excellent question.

Last year, being my first year in TX, I was completely clueless to the Blue Bonnet photo op - and I had no idea where to go and totally missed my opportunity.

This year, I googled, and searched, but the most successful route - Word of Mouth. I just asked a lot of different people. My neighbor heard about the field where we took our pictures at the library story time!

And guess what? This field is three minutes from my house between a doctor office and a nursing home!

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Jessica said...

I live in Houston and the best spot around here is just to the West on 290 in Brenham. There are ENORMOUS fields of bluebonnets...if they haven't all been trampled down by now. Hope that helps!