Thursday, April 16, 2009

Restoring Order - End of Week Wrap Up

Okay, so how'd you do? My goal list was way too long. I only accomplished most of the first goal. Most of the boy's clothes are sorted. (Yeah!) I have a large garbage bag for donations. (Yippee!) Now I just need to wrap up the project by organizing their current clothes and fitting them in the space we have. I found this at a local consignment store. (One of my favs!) and I am trying to decide how to use them. I am leaning towards labeling the type of clothing for my infant. (pj's, everyday, church etc) But can also see the benefit of doing size. We'll see.

Okay - so here's my before and after.
Now, I am not going to go and take a picture of the closet, because, well, there's two sleeping boys in there - and we wouldn't want to do anything to change that! But, just imagine an empty closet, and all the little baby clothes hanging so nicely. If I get a chance tomorrow I may post a picture, but I make no promises.

About the organization part - all of the tubs are about 3/4 full. Ruth made a comment how Carrie uses boxes that paper comes in - and I think that is a fabulous idea. I have asked my husband's secretary to start saving the boxes for me. I also am going to store/sort according to seasons. We do a lot of traveling to CO - and need lots more winter clothes when we go there than we do here in Austin. When packing, it will be easier to grab the winter box for the appropriate age.

It does feel so good to get this done! Knowing you all were behind me helped a ton!

Okay, now for the fun part. If you did some de-cluttering this past week and post about it today or tomorrow, your name will go in a drawing for a 15.00 gift card to Joann Fabric - along with one of these. (Except yours will be chocolate brown and blue.)

There are a few things to do to be eligible:
1.) Post about your de-cluttering project and link back to either mine or Monica's blog.
2.) If you post before and after pictures your name will go in twice.

That's it!

So, link up to Mr. Linky by Saturday 6:00 pm and I'll post the winner Sunday afternoon.


Our Lives said...

Since I will be out of town Friday, I thought I would post my project (part 1) quickly. Have a great week, Rebecca!

thehomespunheart said...

Great job! I love paper boxes! They are the perfect size for storing things and are free! :)

Love you -

Michal said...

Good Job, Rebecca...I am so proud of you! Doesn't that feeling of cleansing give you the perseverance to tackle yet another mess? Love it! Have a restful have had a busy week!

Melody said...

I can't seem to find the link for Mr. Linky but here is my post.

Clothes can be so overwhelming especially when you are storing ones that are too big and too small. Great Job.

Anna said...

Even if you didn't get everything done on your list, you did accomplish a lot. Thanks for hosting this.

Jessica said...

Thank you (and Monica) for the inspiration to get a handle on the clutter! I did the same thing about 3 weeks ago with my little ones clothes.
You mentioned a fav consignment store in Austin, I live in Houston but am always visiting family in you mind telling me which one it is?

Lauren said...

Thank you so much for the encouragment this week. I think it was funny that we were doing the same project. I also posted at Frugal Friday about using paper boxes today.