Sunday, September 28, 2008

Move over Miderman boots...

We have decided to tackle the boxes of stuff we brought from CO and haven't opened yet. Our garage has about 10 plastic storage boxes that we have not touched since the move. We've decided that it's time for most of it to go. So, next week, I'm having a garage sale.

In the course of going through boxes we found a pair of ski boots. They were Hubs ski boots from the 80's. Now how these made it onto the U-Haul in CO Springs, I am not sure. We chuckled about the blue and purple coloring - and how Hubs was most certainly the hottest man on the slope at the time. Then, they were tossed into the garage sale pile. Little One spotted them and insisted trying them on.
It was so hillarious! He stood there for a good 15 minutes - trying to figure out how they could "skate". We did our best to explain that you had to be up high on a snowy mountain in order for them to work. Once he was done with the boots, he ran up and down the driveway - telling us that he was skating down the snowy mountain. Aunt Ally, I think you've got a nephew whose going to love hanging with you in the winter... :)


Mom2Drew said...

OMG...HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! You're right though, HOW did they make it to TX??

Rally said...

Come on up!!!! Aunt Ally would love to show you how to really use those boots;)... Love and miss that little man!