Monday, August 18, 2008

Sesame Street and Burp Cloths - bare necessities around here!

I actually wrote this on Monday ~ and am just now able to sit down and upload pictures! Better late than never.....

Today is the first day that we are on our own. But, not really - because Hubs decided that he would come home for lunch and watch the boys while I went to the doctor - giving me a nice little break. Thank you Honey! Making tomorrow the official "mommy on her own day" - and Hubs works late - so a long day it will be.

Baby Brother is a little cuddlebug! Forget "Back to Sleep"! He sleeps best when he is in someone arms - on his stomach. He has to have two layers of clothing, swaddled, and then a heavy blanket over him. He prefers to sleep on his side propped up by a pillow - and when he is in his swing the only way to settle him is to put a burp cloth over his head. Don't worry, I don't sleep when he's sleeping these ways - that's how I know that he likes them. At night, I put him "back to sleep" with only being swaddled - and he fusses and hems and haws. And no one gets any rest. Tonight I think we are going to try letting him sleep in the swing (minus burp cloth) and see if it helps any.

Little One is adjusting to being Big Brother very well. Yesterday we discovered that his "miderman boots" are too small. It was very tragic. In order to make things better, Daddy suggested that he wear them on his hands as gloves. Now he runs around with the boots on his hands and pretends to box the refrigerator, couch, kitchen island, etc. All the while saying "I's hittin stuff Mama!" How is it that boys are such boys?! He's never seen a boxing match, yet the impulse to defend and fight came so naturally. Baby Brother took a few knocks to the head yesterday with the miderman boots gloves. Little One didn't do it on purpose and Baby Brother didn't get hurt, but he let us know that he didn't like it!

Little One also LOVES for Baby Brother to do the things he does. This morning Baby Brother was introduced to Sesame Street. Doesn't Baby Brother looked so entertained?

And here, Little One is helping Baby Bro find all of his toys. What a great helper!

So, now that it's the end of the week, I'm happy to report that we made it! We have even gotten a little more sleep at night - thanks to the bouncy chair. I know, I shouldn't use sleep "props" but whatever works I'm going with these days! :) I have a few more posts written in my head, but I make no promises as to when they'll actually be posted. I have a feeling my posting will be pretty random in the coming couple of weeks.


thehomespunheart said...

Hi Sweet Friend!

I don't think you should feel one bit guilty about using that bouncy chair. Samuel struggled with reflux - absolutely SCREAMED when we put him down on his back. But, when elevated in the bouncy - blissfully asleep.

He slept in his bouncy chair for probably a couple of months. Seriously. I have no problems with this and can't tell you how many people I've run into that have said the same thing or that they put the baby in the car seat and set it in the crib!

You do what you have to do and if that works - I say, go for it!

Love you -

Michal said...

A lot of people I know do the baby car seat thing in the crib. It makes them feel secure while keeping their belly below their head, aiding in the reflux problem. I say you don't feel bad and keep doing what works. Sleep is to precious for both Mommy and Baby. Sounds like you are doing well, I've been thinking about you all.

Take Care!

*carrie* said...

Very cute, Rebecca. Such precious boys!

Susan said...

I used that bouncy chair all the time with JR. He just loved it and slept like a "baby";) The boys are just adorable! Go Rebecca for the first week alone. Your are doing great!

Rally said...

What precious pictures! I think you are doing a great job being creative and safe at the same time. Good job being on your own! I agree with Susan, you are doing a absolutely great job!
I love you and miss you and your boys.