Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Birth Day! July 28, 2008

*****Long Post Ahead!*****

Mama's Arms

Watching Daddy Change B B's Diaper

Hi! Baby Brother!

Mama's Boys

Welcome Home!
Our scheduled date for the C-section was 5:00 AM on Monday, July 28th - exactly 39 weeks. I had had exactly 0 contractions or any signs of going into labor - and really, I am so thankful that we did things as we did.

The night before I had planned on doing last minute preparations - you know, like packing the hospital bag, picking up the house, and wiping down the bathrooms. I admit that I am a total procrastinator. I knew what needed to be packed, and I knew that if I forgot anything, Hubs could go and get it for me. The hospital is only 10 minutes from our home, and I knew he'd be home to see Little One anyway. So, I wasn't that worried about unpacked hospital bags.

Well, Little One could totally feel the anticipation - and did not go to bed until 11:00! That's what I get for being a procrastinator! The hospital bags got packed, but nothing else was done. Oh well. They still sit undone - but that's okay. I also admit that I wasn't very stern with the whole bed time routine the night before - because I was still really sad that this was our last night together as the three of us. I just kept thinking "oh, this is the last time..." silly, I know, but it's true. I wanted to cherish every single moment - and all the other things could wait.

We left for the hospital in the wee hours of the morning - and were checked in and in the surgery prep room by 5:30. It was so weird that it was so anti-climatic. No contractions, joking with the ER techs, walking up to my room - and to think we held our baby within the next two hours! Weird! After I got my lovely hospital gown on, and they got my IV started, I signed a bunch of papers warning us of all of the complications that could happen with the surgery - geesh - that was not the most comforting thing at all! It was then when I started to second guess myself and our decision to have a C-section - and then I started to think about Little One and I missed him to the bottom of my toes. I so wanted him to be near - as this was a huge family time - and he is so family. I think too, I was a little freaked out by all the papers I had signed and was a little fearful that something might happen to me. So, a good cry helped.

Then, my wonderful doctor came in. Then the wonderful anesthesiologist. All made me feel that it was going to be just fine. At 7:00 I drank the worst shot of medicine - and walked into the operating room. That was the hardest part - as I had to go alone until the spinal was done and then Hubs could come in. It seemed so surreal. I don't remember much about Little One's C-section - as it was emergency and everything was going so fast. But, with this one I could take in every detail. I walked into a sterile, cold room - and nurses and doctors flitting around, getting everything ready. I had conversations with two nurses. I made it through the spinal. They put the blue sheet up. I waited for Hubs to come in.

He came in. He held my hand. The doctor poked a prodded - while waves of nausea washed over me. Hubs and I talked about the baby's name. We had two different names picked out, and had decided that we would name the baby once we saw him. And, then, at 7:40 the doctor tells me that she sees his head - and with a push against my diaphragm - he was out! He started crying immediately - and so did I. My doctor held him up over the blue sheet so we could see him- and then he was taken to the other side of the room - where I could see every thing that was going on with him. Hubs was with him, and then brought him over to me. We decided on the name, and then they were off to the nursery.

Once in the recovery room, I had a great nurse named Molly - who took such good care of me. Actually, every nurse I had was STELLAR. Nurses are really such wonderful angels. Shortly after, Hubs brought Baby Brother to me, and he began nursing immediately! Joy! Joy! Joy! This was such an issue with Little One - but not this time around! I am so grateful.

Little One came and visited every afternoon. Every time he wanted to crawl up into the bed with me and snuggle. Once he met Baby Brother, he said "so sweet" and "snuggle". He then wanted to bring things to Baby Brother that he thought he might need, a pillow, Little One's "Moo" (his security blanket), the phone... It was super sweet.

We were there until Thursday morning. I am thankful for the extended stay - as it really was restful. The hospital is a new hospital, and they were excited because exactly 31 babies were born in the month of July. Which, means that we got great care, in a brand new hospital. There was no rush to get me out the door, and all of the nurses had time. They had a relatively small nursing staff, so we got to know most of the labor and delivery nurses as well as the nursery nurses. To say the least, we were spoiled.

There's a little recap of our sweet second son's birth. I thank God for such a redeeming experience. There was so much trauma with Little One - and through this birthing process there has been so much healing. That could be a whole other two or three posts. Maybe someday I'll go there on this blog - I'm not sure. I do know that I can see the faithful hand of the Father every where I look - and for that I am eternally grateful.

Welcome to our World Baby Brother. We Love You So!


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Susan said...

Rebecca, I am so glad everything went just right. So sweet of Little One!

Mom2Drew said...

he/he and I know his name:) I feel special out there in blogland.

Anyway...I'm so glad he's here Rebecca and it looks like the family is adjusting well. What a treasure.

thehomespunheart said...

thanks so much for sharing all the details - I've been thinking of you! I am so very thankful that you had a better experience this time around and grateful that God allowed healing and redemption through this! :) Give your sweet little men kisses from us!

Love you,

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

Lovely story. Such sweet little men you've been blessed with!

*carrie* said...

Thanks so much for sharing all this, Rebecca. It means so much to me since we had similar experiences the first time around!