Saturday, August 30, 2008

100th post = 100 things about me!

  1. I love to see Little One's tan line -there is something oh so cute about a white toddler bum against a tan back
  2. It took me eight years to get my English degree
  3. My favorite candy is peanut M & M's
  4. I love putting puzzles together - especially around Christmas and Thanksgiving
  5. I love balancing our bank account with our Quicken software. It's something I do everyday
  6. It hasn't always been that way - until we went through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University, I never balanced my check book
  7. I have a habit of leaving cupboard doors open - it drives a lot of people crazy - myself included.
  8. I was 29 when I got married
  9. We dated for three years
  10. I was 30 when I had our first son
  11. We got pregnant on our honeymoon
  12. My sister and I lived together in a very cool downtown apartment before either one of us got married. It was a fabulous period in my life.
  13. I love post it notes and sharpies. Actually, any kind of new office or school supply make me happy. But the big bright package of multi-colored sharpies calls my name every time I'm in the school supply isle
  14. I am a major introvert
  15. My eldest son is a major extrovert
  16. I have spent nine months attending a Bible college called Capernwray in England
  17. During that time I spent 3 weeks in Kenya
  18. And one month in Germany
  19. I've only lived in two states - Colorado and Texas
  20. In the summer I love to drink iced chai
  21. In the winter I love to drink warm chai
  22. I have an on and off relationship with coffee. I drank it in high school, decided that I didn't like it in college - and drank tea until this last pregnancy. I then craved coffee like crazy - and now have a cup a day (with lots of cream and sugar)
  23. I love to give gifts
  24. And wrap them
  25. I love to buy gifts at Anthropologie
  26. Daisies are my favorite flowers
  27. I can not keep plants alive
  28. I LOVE to get fun snail mail
  29. I have watched more episodes of Blues Clues and The Wiggles than I care to count
  30. Fall is my favorite season
  31. I really enjoy living in Texas
  32. I really miss my friends and family in CO
  33. I really wish that I were a better photographer
  34. I really wish that I scrap booked. It's been a forever wish, I have yet to do anything about it
  35. I never thought I'd be excited about a new season of Sesame Street
  36. It took me a good year to start blogging
  37. I am the oldest child in my family - followed by a younger sister of three years and a younger brother of 10
  38. I'm not sure I can come up with 63 more things about me
  39. I love to spend time in pools and in the water - but don't really know how to swim
  40. I hope to change that by next summer
  41. I am a huge fan of Craig's List - and have found some real treasures from the site - Including a Nanny job for myself a couple of years ago - and a WONDERFUL nanny for us while Baby Brother was born!
  42. I like to buy and sell things on Ebay
  43. I have a mill and grind wheat to make our flour - and make fresh bread almost weekly
  44. In fact, that is what I should be doing now instead of making this silly list!
  45. I am a very vivid dreamer - and can recall most of my dreams in the AM
  46. Right now my favorite CD is Alive Forever by Travis Cottrell
  47. My first car was a 1989 Yellow Cavillier. I loved that car! It had a sun roof and we called it the sunshine mobile
  48. I have been in three auto accidents - all of them very minor
  49. I once left my emergency brake off at my parent's house - and my car rolled down a hill and hit a tree, and barely missed hitting the neighbors car. Brother! I still can't believe that one.
  50. I hate driving in snow
  51. I love being snowed in!
  52. When I was single I thought I didn't ever want to have children
  53. Now I can't imagine it any other way!
  54. Did I mention I like to cook? If so, it's worth repeating
  55. I love a bubble bath
  56. I whole heartedly believe in miracles
  57. One of the ways my husband spoils me is by giving me a monthly facial
  58. I am a baseball fan
  59. However, I don't have a favorite team. I tend to change teams every season.
  60. Last year my hubby and I were able to go to all of the Rockies home playoff games. We tried desperately to get World Series tickets - but didn't. That's something I'll never forget.
  61. I am sad that I'll never get to go to the original Yankee Stadium
  62. I like pink baseball hats
  63. I understand nothing about Fantasy Football
  64. I understood nothing about real football until I married my hubby. Then that changed.
  65. I am debating about revealing my family's real names on the blog
  66. I love Target
  67. I love to buy new sponges and cleaning supplies
  68. I hate cleaning bathrooms
  69. I would love to sew - but don't, and probably never will
  70. I once tried to learn how to knit, but wound up getting really upset, crying and leaving the knitting party. Now, I was in high school, so I think there were some other things going on - but I haven't tried since.
  71. The most fun job I've had was working as a receptionist at a hair salon
  72. My baby is a big grunter. Today we went to Bible Study and he grrrrrrrddd most of the time. He's doing that now, which means I need to change his diaper and feed him.
  73. I went to a private school from preschool - 12th grade
  74. There were 19 students in my graduating class
  75. I really wanted to go to Covenant College - but ended up a Colorado University. It's all good
  76. I was a cheerleader in Jr High. I hated it
  77. I really wish that I went out for basketball in highschool. But, I was way lacking in the self confidence arena. Don't ask about how that works with the cheerleading.
  78. I buy myself a spiced pumpkin yankee candle every fall
  79. I don't get the buzz about Twitter - and can't imagine doing it these days. However, I do think I could totally get into it if I were still working in an office environment...
  80. I love Shutterfly
  81. I've worn glasses/contacts since I was 16 months
  82. My dad has been a Walgreens pharmacist for 30+ years
  83. My mom drove a MK Pink Cadillac when I was in 3rd grade. She worked hard for that car!
  84. During that time I wore a little pink t-shirt that said "Ask my mom about Mary Kay." and I wore it with pride.
  85. I think I would like to write children's books someday
  86. I was a preschool teacher for a couple of years
  87. I don't think I have a favorite movie. There are a ton that I love and that I would have to claim as a favorite - I can't really narrow it down to one favorite.
  88. I'm a total chick-flick lover
  89. I'm a big crier
  90. I wish that I had an older woman as a mentor. I'm praying for that.
  91. I haven't been to church all summer
  92. That's a story for a whole other post
  93. Today Baby Brother's birth announcements came - I am so excited. I didn't send them out when Little One was born, and I totally regret it.
  94. I used to ski. Then I had a ski accident - and now haven't skied in years.
  95. I know my husband would like for me to give skiing another try.
  96. I do love staying in the lodge cuddled up by the fire
  97. I went to Aruba once and LOVED it. I totally want to go back with my Hubby.
  98. Are you still reading this? It seems that I've been working on it forever.
  99. I am fond of basement apartments
  100. My son is grunting again - time to eat again! (Two days after the first grunting I described...)

Phew, I'm glad that's done! Now I can continue on with other posts. I've thought for a long time that I wanted to do this for my 100th post - but who knew it would fall right after I had a baby? It took me all week to get this list together. My computer time is so limited these days. So is my sleep. And, when I have to chose between the two, I'm opting for some shut-eye. In fact, that's where I'm headed right now.


Rachel said...

Good list, Rebecca! It is fun getting to know you more!

Mom2Drew said...

I knew a few of those, but several were fun surprises too:) I miss you!

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

How did you get time to work on this list??? ; )

I have an English degree and hate cleaning bathrooms too. But, I like new office supplies and cleaning supplies.

*carrie* said...

This was a fun list, Rebecca--way to persevere! =)

I have many fond memories from your cool apartment. What hair salon are you referring to?! Ha!

Also, do you mean that W gives you a facial?! Or does he pay for you to have one? What a gift, either way! =)

Whitt Fam said...

You can still go to Fenway Park if you can't go to the original Yankee Stadium.

My new baby's a grunter too.

I buy Yankee pumpkin spice each year too.

I love holiday puzzles and am going through the Financial Peace series.

I think I'm going to copy your 100 Things idea when I reach my 100th post. :)

Hope things are going well with newborn. I know what it's like to have a million things to do, but have a need to do a quick thing for yourself, such as a blog. :)

Hugs, and happy belated birthday!

Marianne said...

Hi Rebecca,
I just wanted to let you know I've been enjoying your blog since it was mentioned in the 'yay! baby brother is here!' email. It's really neat to be able to keep up with all your doings from afar:).