Wednesday, January 16, 2008

High Chair Fun

These little crayons are great! Little One loves to "draw" and "yolor" (color) and usually the event turns into frustration for both of us. The crayons end up broken or in his mouth or both - and he ends up coloring on everything but the paper in front of him. I picked up these at Target the other day - and am impressed! It's a washable crayon in the middle of a plastic top like figurine. They are easy for Little One to wrap his little chubby hands around and actually draw. Plus they are so easy - when they are dropped they land crayon side up - (eliminating broken pieces) and there is very little actual crayon for him to get into his mouth. Love that!

For the past two days these crayons have kept Little One's attention for at least 20 minutes - without frustration. I also purchased a blank drawing pad - and just let him go. So, he turns the pages and colors and tells me he is drawing "oval" (thank you Grandma W for teaching that one! :) and "flowers" and "stars" in which twinkle twinkle must be sung every time.

Speaking of fun in the high chair, I thought I would post a picture of him playing "Lets Play" a little computer board that he found at Grandma H's house. She sent it with us - and he loves to look at all the cards and "play". It's funny, because it is a game for five or six year olds... but it sure keeps him busy.

And finally, this was Little One one evening last week. We had corn on the cob for dinner - his favorite. He just wouldn't give up. So tired. He'd nibble on the cob, and nod off to sleep. Wake up, and try again. Finally, I just picked him up and took him to bed. :)


Mom2Drew said...

Oh those last pics of him sleeping are just priceless! Going to have to get me some of those crayons for A, sounds like a winner. Enjoy your warmth today, we are a hight of 8 degrees;)

carrie said...


Love those pix. Thanks for sharing about the crayons--I'll have to look into those.

Susan said...

Oh, I will have to get grandma to send us those crayons here in a bit. Great tip! That is funny about the corn and sleeping. So cute!

Angela - Life w/ One Busy Boy said...

I've been wondering about those crayons. Good to know!