Monday, January 28, 2008

7 Random Things About Me...

Carrie has tagged me to share 7 random things about myself. Okay - here goes!

1.) I have a 19 month old son who loves to pretend. Right now it's all about playing the saxophone ("achphone") and ice-skating. Whenever there is a slow-beat song on he'll start moving around the room with one foot in the air, or spins in circles and pronounces that he is skating ("kate!"). We have a Christmas video to thank for this! As far as the saxophone goes, anything that is circular works - a pencil, a plastic shot utensil from a play doctor kit, a plastic golf club, oh yes, just about anything will work. When it is time to play, mom is always asked to join in. ("help! tand up!") We are quite the ice-skating - saxophone playing duo!

2.) My husband's siblings and my siblings are spaced apart the same amount of years. His sister is three years younger, his brother 10. My sister is 3 years younger - my brother 10.

3.) I love scrapbook stores! However, I have never put a scrapbook together or made any kind of card. That is on my goal list for this year. (again!)

4.) I don't like to drive. If I could have my way, I'd love to have a chaffeur.

5.) I'd also LOVE to have a house cleaner.

6.) I am forming a deep love for this store. There is one only 20 minutes from my new home! Yipee!

7.) For both pregnancies I have craved canned peaches and graham crackers dipped in milk. For this current pregnancy, I have a new craving - Toaster Strudel...yum yum! ;)

Now I tag heather to share some random things about herself!


Mom2Drew said...

I accept your watching:)

Susan said...

Ikea is fun! I do not like to drive either. It is fun to read these "random" posts.

*carrie* said...


So glad you joined the fun. That is super funny about the canned peaches and also the saxaphone playing!