Thursday, January 22, 2009

Going to E*l*m*o's House!

The way we made it through two plane rides and one hour and a half bus ride to the resort was that we told Little One we were going to see where the big red monster lives. And, boy does he have a great house!

The resort is a sponsor of S*same S*treet and we are now really good friends with the gang. In fact, Little One is in the bath tub right now and the only toy he wanted his rubber ducky. Our conversation went like this:
"Hey Mom - can you say Hi to Ernie and his Rubber Duck?"(Referring to himself, of course)
"Hi Ernie! Hi Rubber Ducky!"
"Hi Bert! How you doin today?"

We were promised S*same S*reet - and that is exactly what we got. Parades, shows, and everyday there was an opportunity to do something with one of the characters. (Bake cookies with Cookie, Dance with Zoe, etc...) We even had breakfast with all of them, and a dance party to start the day.

So, here's a few of the monster friends we encountered...

Little One was in his element to play guitar with these guys. He had a really hard time sharing the guitar with the others... He still talks about how he could only play ONE SONG!
One of my favorite characters - Miss Abby Cadabby!

To touch her wings or not?

Cookie was full of dance moves and hugs. He was so fun to watch and interact with.
Little One had a BLAST dancing at the evening shows.
Thanks E*lmo for letting us come - we had a great time! :)


Mom2Drew said...

Oh man...better not show Dewey this post as he'd be GREEN with envy! Wow, what a blast! Definitely need to catch up and live vicariously through you..and Elmo.

Susan said...

Golly, I am green with envy! I want to go to visit Elm.o.s house. What an amazing trip....