Saturday, November 29, 2008

A whole bunch of new!

Here's an update big things have gone on in all of our lives in the past week:

Little One:
He's learned how to pedal! We left him at the YMCA for a few hours last week for parent's night out, and he came home, hopped on his tricycle and said "watch this!" and he just started peddling his little heart out. He rode around and around the main floor for a good 45 minutes. And, it's a been a daily activity since.
The other big thing is that Frosty the snowman has been introduced into our family. We rented it and had to return it today - and I'm pretty sure one of us will be headed out to find the DVD in due time. I can only imagine what his response is going to be when he learns that frosty is gone. It was bad enough when Frosty melted.
And, on that note - have you watched it lately? I found myself laughing and chuckling to myself a lot this past week - all of the children are wearing shorts and mini skirts on the coldest day of the year. Karen is sure her mother won't mind if she goes to the North Pole - as long as she's back by supper. And the police man is told that he has to excuse Frosty because he just became alive. Of course! If only I had a great excuse like that. :)
So, here's a photo of the tricycle Frosty marathon that's been going on around here.

Baby Brother:
He's learned to giggle! And boy, does he have to work hard at it. So many times he has a HUGE smile and he squints his little eyes and no sound comes out. But, just this week he's figured it out, and it's just about the cutest thing I've ever heard. He also LOVES to stare at his fist. Check him out.

Daddy is an official Longhorn! Yes, my sweet Husband has been accepted into Texas University to finish up his undergrad. I am so proud of him. He was at senior status when we left CO - and has been working on his degree for so long! After much perseverance - he's in! Hook em Horns!

Made and hosted her first Thanksgiving. I had so much fun. I learned a ton - and can't wait until next year. One of the biggest things I learned was that when you brine a turkey and have an option between an expensive brine bag and a cheap one - opt for the more expensive one. Because there is a chance that the cheaper one may spring a leak in the night and leak brine, and raw turkey juices all over your refrigerator and into the deli and cheese drawer, and the first and second produce drawer - soaking everything that's in the drawers. Uh huh. Ask me how I know.

But, now I have a super clean refrigerator (the bottom half anyway) and all fresh produce. No more limp celery stalks can be found in my fridge!

Despite the craziness of the leaking brine, everything came out beautifully. We had our friends the Blacks over - and so enjoyed their company. It was a lovely day.

I know I promised in my last post to post about our trip. I need to stop promising coming topics in my posts. Because, I never know when I am going to have the opportunity to blog - or if I'm going to be in the mood to blog. So, for the record, I'd like to post about our CO trip, I hope to post about it, but make no promises from here on out... :)

So, I sign off this post with a lovely fall picture my sweet friend Heather (who, by the way, is hosting a very fun giveaway. Stop by and check it out!) took while we were home. I love how she captured my little man. Thank you Friend! For all of you who live in CO Springs and need a photographer - I highly recommend her....

Just imagine a "Happy Thanksgiving!" coming from that little mouth...


*carrie* said...

A fun update, and I love those pix!

Mom2Drew said...

That first one of little one with the leaves may just be a favorite of all time of mine;) I just LOVE that expression. You'd never know it was 30 degress outside, huh? speaking of your boys...the package with you know what has been shipped, I can't wait for you to get it.

I love all the updates. Congrats to little one for learning to peddle, that's huge. And wow...I wish I could hear baby brother giggle...I JUST missed it.