Friday, November 28, 2008

Four Months

I can hardly believe that four months has gone by since baby brother's birth. He is the sweetest baby. He is beyond content, yet lets me know if something isn't just right. In the past month he's taken his first airplane ride, met his Nana and Papa and Uncle Rob and Aunt Ally, along with Aunt Emily and cousin Michaela - and a host of other dear people. He is absolutely amazed by his hand. He holds his right hand up and just stares at it. Who needs a mobile? Yet, he does love the bear mobile in his bassinet, and gets so excited when he gets to visit them. He tries to roll over - and has only done so once (I think Big Brother gave a helping hand). And just this week, he figured out how to let that sweet giggle out. My sweet baby boy. I love you.

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