Friday, April 4, 2008

It's hard to believe...but the proof is all around me

5 years ago today, a certain gentleman showed up at my door with The Hobbit in hand. He was coming with the intentions of reading to me.

"I'd like to read you a story." He said.
"And if you like it, I'll go on and read to you the next three books."

Yes, it was our first date - "story time" as we like to call it. I did like the story and he did read every word of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy to me. In fact, we finished the Return of the King on our honeymoon. Don't think for a minute that we sped through the books - it took us two years to get married!

And now, five years later, we get to go to the doctor today and find out who is inside this baby bump: (As long as s/he is willing to play our game today...)

So, here we are at 22 weeks and 6 days. Oh, and that little bump towards the bottom of my belly, it's not my belly button - I promise! It's a drawstring. I guess if it were my belly button it would be a little cuter - huh? :)

This morning I am filled with gratefulness - as I recall the past five years - our courtship, wedding, the birth of our first son, and now learning more about Baby W. Now, it hasn't been all roses - we have walked through some hard times. But, even as I think of those times, I believe they have made us all the more strong and united. My life is overflowing with goodness.

Sweetie, happy fifth anniversary of your story time venture - I love you!

The song that I awoke singing this morning is here.

Be blessed,

p.s. Check back in later - as I'll post the ultra sound results later this afternoon. :)

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Mom2Drew said...

OMgoodness...i'm soooo on pins and needles right now. I've got a feeling, we'll see if it's right:)