Friday, July 12, 2013

Welcome Back.

It's hard to believe that my last post was in 2009.  But then again, it's not.  I have to say, that when  the 3rd baby boy came, I rarely ever thought of blogging.   And just like that, all blogging stopped.   Since I started this blog to keep track of our family life - let me give you a very brief summary of the past four years:

March 2010 - Benjamin was born into our family.
2011 - I am the mother of a one year old Ben, a three year old Sam, and a five year old, Liam.
September 2011 - Liam starts kindergarten.  We decide to give homeschooling a try.
September 2012 - Liam starts First grade.  I don't have a peace about continuing to homeschool.  We enroll into public school.
March 2013 - I start working outside of the home at Sam and Ben's preschool.
I now have a 3 year old, 4 year old, and and a 6 year old.
Early April - My dad suffers a heart attack and has a double bypass. 
April 22, 2013 - I suffer a stroke.  

Much much much has been left out of that summary.  The past four years have been hard.  There has been times of isolation and desperation, weight gain and depression. The past four years have been rich. There has been walking through the hard and seeing light on the other side, discovery of what it means to be a mom of boys, and finding a home church and community. There is so much hard.  There is so much joy. 

In the past three months, our family's life has been turned upside down.  God has shown up - in the pain and unknowns of the stroke - change has occurred.  I have a lot I need to process.  And, as I've thought of all the ways that that could be done, I decided to blow the dust off of this web address, log in and give it a try.  Writing has always been my favorite way to process.  I do know that in the past few years, that has gone silent.  And yet, we are promised that He makes all things new.


Bid Wallace said...

A Good Work was begun that is being Faithfully completed in you and through you. Visibly, love is reflected by all those around you, Rebecca. It is so endearing to experience. For those a distance away, your written thoughts will add your voice as a blessing, and will bring even more smiles.

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Ordinary Jane said...

Keep blogging!!! Your strength in faith during these difficult times is inspiring. God bless, don't ever give up writing and blogging.

How is your stroke affecting you? You were too young to have a stroke (based on the age of your kids, I assuming you were a young mother..)

God bless, keep blogging!

Luis Alejandro Soberanis Ortiz said...

Hola Rebecca, tendrá unos días que comencé a escribir un Blog, y de repente me topo con el tuyo y me parece muy inspirador por la fortaleza que has tenido para aguantar y seguir pensando que aunque tarde, llegará el momento de calma y mejora. Te mando un saludo muy fuerte, ojala veas mi comentario y pues espero seguir viendo por ahí tus blogs. Me da mucho gusto haberme encontrado muy bellas palabras.

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