Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our Little Orange....

Today we had our first OB appt - yes, it was the first, (with this baby) and yes I'm 18 weeks today! I stalled making that first appointment because I was in a bit of denial about baby number 3. Then, when I knew that I knew and called to make my appt - the soonest they could get me in was a month a week away! What?

My doctor's practice has grown a lot in the past year - the first time she saw me with Baby Brother I was able to come in the next week. She was also in the process of starting her practice - and her office was being I had all of my OB visits at a Emergency Clinic. All of the labs and ultra sounds had to be outsourced to other practices. Today, I went into her new office, with all the bells and whistles - and it was lovely!!! She wheeled the ultra sound machine into the room and did the sonogram right there. She has nurses, and two receptionists....(at the Emergency clinic she had one nurse who was also the receptionist). Things have changed a bit!

So, everything looks great. We saw our baby and heard that sweet heartbeat. The baby is measuring at exactly 18 weeks today, making the due date March 31st. It will be a scheduled C-section. We will find out the gender the day before Thanksgiving - and I am excited.

The baby weighs 7 ounces - Hubby headed to the grocery store to find a piece of fruit that weighed 7 ounces. He sent me at text that said "It's an orange!" :)


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