Thursday, February 5, 2009

Like A Brother

It has been so fun to see the boys bonding with one another. Baby Brother thinks that Little One is hillarious and watches his every move. Here are some of the most current "brother" shots.When we got back from Jamaica, Baby Brother and I came down with a pretty yucky bug. And, because a Thomas the Engine sticker makes everything better, Little One was certain that sharing his stickers would make Baby Brother feel better. Here you can see three of the six stickers that were so generously shared.
The two of them sitting on a giant swing on the Jamaican beach.
Yesterday morning I awoke with Hubs telling me that I would want to see what was going on in the boys room. And this is what I found. Little One had crawled into the crib and they were snuggling. What a sweet way to begin our day! I love how they both are sucking their thumbs and snuggling their sweet lovies.


Susan said...

That is way precious!

*carrie* said...

I love that L climbed into the crib--so sweet. I hope N likes being a big brother just as much!

That Longhorns onesie is funny--guess you're officially Texans now. =)

Amy Kathryn said...

What sweet boys. Hopefully when we have our second one they are as close.